Course Location: Ipswich, United Kingdom

Lead Instructor: Richard Stewart

A Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) is not a Psychiatrist or a Doctor, but they are a valid member of a team, who are trained to spot the signs and symptoms of Mental Health issues and try to signpost the sufferer to professional help. Course content: Day 1 session 1 • Why Mental Health First Aid? • The Mental Health First Aid action plan • What is mental health? • Impact of mental health issues • Stigma and discrimination • What is depression? • Symptoms of depression • Risk factors for depression • Depression in the workplace Day 1 session 2 • Suicide figures • Alcohol, drugs and mental health • First aid for suicidal crisis • Non-judgemental listening skills • First aid for depression • Treatment and resources for depression • Self-care Day 2 Session 3 • What is an anxiety disorder? • First aid for anxiety disorders • Crisis first aid after a traumatic event • Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders • Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders • Cognitive distortions and CBT • Personality disorders • Eating disorders • Self-harm Day 2 Session 4 • What is psychosis? • Risk factors for psychosis • Alcohol, drugs and psychosis • Schizophrenia • Bipolar disorder • Warning signs of developing psychosis • Crisis first aid for acute psychosis • Treatment and resources for psychosis • Recovery and building resources • Action planning for using MHFA As you can see there are a lot of sensitive subjects to be covered, at the start of the course and all the way through participants will be constantly monitored by the tutors and will be given the option to leave for small sections if a subject is upsetting for them. While the course is suited to anyone who wishes to take it, it is strongly advised that those who may be suffering with their own Mental Health issues, do not sit the course as it may slow down their own recovery.

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