Train as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider®) and receive three years of certification, plus access to ongoing benefits.   

This course is ideal for individuals who would like to become an MHFAider® to gain the knowledge and skills to spot signs of people experiencing poor mental health, be confident to start a conversation and signpost a person to appropriate support.​ 

In addition to the course, you will become part of the largest MHFAider® community in England, gaining access to resources, ongoing learning and 24/7 digital support through our MHFAider Support App®, to give you the tools and knowledge you need to carry out the role effectively and confidently, whether that be in your workplace, a volunteer role, or in the community.
Mental Health First Aid at MHFA England
Watch and learn why over 20,000 employers have chosen MHFA England for their Mental Health First Aid training.


We value this course at £325 per person.

Costs may vary depending on location and instructor – contact the instructor for more information by clicking on a course below.

Course outcomes 
As an MHFAider® you will be able to: 
  • Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention 
  • Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other supports 
  • Practise active listening and empathy 
  • Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma 
  • Discuss the MHFAider® role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality 
  • Practise self-care 
  • Know how to use the MHFAider Support App® 
  • Know how to access a dedicated text service provided by Shout and ongoing learning opportunities with MHFA England  
  • Online or face-to-face course structured across four flexible sessions. Each session is a maximum of 3hrs 45mins and sessions can be delivered within a two week period.  
  • Learners will be trained over four live sessions with an MHFA England Instructor Member, covering 14 hours of content in total.​ 
  • Learning takes place through a mix of instructor led training, group discussions, individual and group activities. 
  • Each session builds on the previous, enabling the learner to gain confidence in supporting others with a Mental Health First Aid action plan. 
  • We limit numbers to 16 people per course so that instructors can keep people safe and supported while they learn. 
  • We strive for all of our learning content to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. 
Everyone who completes this course gets: 
  • A hard copy workbook to support their learning throughout the course 
  • A digital manual to refer to whenever they need it​ after completing the course 
  • A wallet-sized reference card with the Mental Health First Aid action plan​ 
  • A digital MHFAider® certificate  
  • Access to the MHFAider Support App® for three years 
  • Access to ongoing learning opportunities, resources and exclusive events ​ 
  • The opportunity to be part of the largest MHFAider® community in England 
Becoming a qualified MHFAider®

Once you complete the Mental Health First Aid course, you can test your knowledge and build your confidence in your role as an MHFAider® with the internationally recognised MHFAider® qualification, RSPH Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid.

Find out more about the MHFAider® qualification

“This refreshed course has kept all the best elements of the previous version of the course but has introduced more practice using ALGEE® in realistic conversations. 

 What I found most interesting and beneficial was the case studies and the videos that brought the written material to life. This was added to by the practical element of using the MHFAider Support App®; all the tools to have conversations are provided which makes the course a must do for anyone with a passion for MHFA.  

 Having worked with MHFA England to train and introduce over 160 MHFAiders® into our business we are continuing this journey and have already planned two courses with MHFA England using the new course content. I know that our next 32 MHFAiders® will get even more out of the course because of the new content and introduction of MHFAider Support App®.” 

Evan Judge | Senior HSE Manager | South Region & ESS   

Compass Group UK & Ireland  

Course structure

  • Mental Health First Aid ​and the action plan 
  • The MHFAider® role ​and self-care 
  • Helpful and unhelpful language ​ 
  • Useful models to support the role  
  • What influences mental health? ​ 
  • What is anxiety? ​ 
  • Crisis first aid 
  • Active listening and empathy ​ 
  • What are eating disorders? ​ 
  • What is self-harm? ​ 
  • What is substance misuse? ​ 
  • Applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan 
  • What is depression? ​ 
  • What is suicide? ​ 
  • Crisis first aid ​continued 
  • What is psychosis? ​ 
  • Recovery and lived experience ​ 
  • Boundaries in the MHFAider® role 
  • Moving forward in the MHFAider® role ​ 
  • My MHFA action plan ​ 

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