Through their own lived experience and passion for the breaking the stigma around mental ill health, our ambassadors use their platforms and networks to encourage others to speak openly about mental health and access MHFA England training.

Caroline HounsellCaroline Hounsell, MHFA England ambassador

BACP Accredited Psychotherapist

Caroline is an accredited British Association Counselling Psychotherapist (BACP), a MHFA England National Trainer and runs her own mental health and wellbeing consultancy. Caroline draws on the experience gained through her private practice to further develop her knowledge and skills as a mental health professional.

Prior to this, Caroline was a director at MHFA England. She was one of the first MHFA England instructors to be trained and joined the National Training team in 2007, taking on the role as National Quality Assurance Lead in 2012.

Julia Mazzafiore

Julia Mazzafiore, MHFA England ambassador

Mental Health Lead, Diversity & Inclusion, Department for Work and Pensions

Julia Mazzafiore leads a community of 1,700 Mental Health First Aiders in the Department for Work and Pensions. Having delivered this ambitious on-boarding programme, Julia frequently acts as consultant to public and private sector organisations starting out on their MHFA England training journey.

With responsibility for leveraging the understanding of intersectionality and mental health for a workforce of 90,000, she is passionately committed to driving understanding and confidence in talking about mental health in DWP, across Government and the wider community.

With a background in psychology, Julia is an MHFA England Instructor Member and has trained more than 1,200 people in mental health skills and awareness.

Julia has a personal interest in social mobility due to her childhood in Blackpool, then and now one of Britain’s most deprived towns, and her experience of life as a single parent and carer. Julia lives near Blackpool (“you can see the Tower from our house”), is a very proud Lancastrian, mum, wife, and owner of cats, chickens and hedgehogs.

Julia says:

“I am delighted to become an MHFA England ambassador. I feel that this is in no small part due to the enthusiasm and dedication of my DWP Mental Health First Aider colleagues in tackling the stigma and discrimination that we know continues to exist around mental health, by providing invaluable peer-to-peer support across our organisation.”

Matthew Alexander, MHFA England ambassadorMatthew Alexander

Director, Intratek

Matthew has over 15 years of experience and influence across the professional football industry. His roles include head of player recruitment, commercial manager and CEO. He also has a vast network of influential people in the business and entertainment industries.

After spending years fixing computers as a hobby, Matthew became Apple and Microsoft certified and spends his spare time helping people with their broken machines.

Matthew is often the person people turn to for support when needed. Being around professional football all his life, Matthew noted the lack of mental health support and understanding for sports people at all levels and is dedicated to helping as much as possible.

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan, MHFA England ambassador

Founder, Pjoys

Michelle Morgan is an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of five purpose-led businesses, winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, The Queens Award for Innovation and The Lloyds Business Awards. She was named by the Evening Standard as one of London’s Top 10 changemakers and in 2018 was invited to join the Society of Leadership Fellows at Windsor Castle.

In 2016, 15 years into her entrepreneurial journey, having spent the year leading Livity, a youth-led agency, through a multi-million pound investment, she experienced a sudden physical and mental burnout. What came next was even more challenging as she realized her passion and purpose for the business she had co-founded and loved deeply had also burnt out, triggering an episode of anxiety followed by clinical depression. A comment, “It’s a bit awkward when you talk about your mental health” silenced her, crushed her and delayed her getting treatment.

From a place of recovery, Michelle now champions the idea that owning those ‘awkward moments’, when we are going to share how our mental health is or ask someone how theirs is, provides the key to smashing the stigma attached to poor mental health. She now encourages individuals and organisations to “Own Your Awkward” through her global speaking and her social enterprise, Pjoys - PJs with purpose (a business on a mission to make mental health an everyday conversation through the power of the PJ Day). She is also an extremely proud ambassador and Instructor Member for MHFA England.