On 6 December, our Chief Executive, Simon Blake, was joined by our expert panel for a thought-provoking exchange of ideas on how to support managers in their role in managing employee wellbeing, navigating uncertainty post-pandemic, and building a workplace culture that helps both people and businesses thrive in 2023.  

We had a lively discussion with great insights from guest speakers Emma Heal, Partner & Managing Director at Lucky Saint, Rosanna Leese, HR Business Partner at IVC Evidensia, and Matt Roberts, Director of Membership at The Chartered Management Institute. Read on to find inspiration for you and your staff’s mental health and wellbeing for 2023 and beyond. 

Catch up on the recording here to hear further insights from the webinar and find out more about mental health training for your workplace

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Whilst sharing her experience, Emma said:

“Last year, the leadership team at Lucky Saint became Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) and I cannot emphasise enough the profound impact it had on us. We subsequently offered it to everybody in the business and everyone has taken us up on it. 

“It has had a massive impact on everyone’s ability to look after their own mental health and support others. It was a huge investment for us, but we think it was the best way we could have invested in our team. So, while there are challenges, talking about mental health has become part of our culture which has had a monumental impact on the team.” 

Audience insights 

We also heard great tips from the audience on ways of working and supporting staff wellbeing:

  • Take coffee breaks and catch up with no work talk allowed
  • Be considerate when sending emails out of hours
  • Use automated scheduling if necessary, so it lands in inboxes during work hours
  • Run wellbeing workshops face-to-face or online for meditation, mindfulness, and yoga 
Free resources to support you and your team’s wellbeing 

To support you in creating healthy, inclusive, and supportive workplace cultures, we encourage organisations to take part in My Whole Self, our campaign for workplace culture change.

We want everyone to be empowered to bring their whole self to work. It’s better for wellbeing and better for business.

Managers are one of the most influential groups in enabling this. We are therefore creating a My Whole Self Managers toolkit. We will be sharing it online next year, ahead of My Whole Self Day in March 2023.

You can access all our existing My Whole Self resources, including the My Whole Self MOT, Talking Tips, and activities, here.

You can also explore the Professional Standard Wheel from The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) here.

Access free My Whole Self resources

We understand concerns such as the cost of living are causing an impact on people's wellbeing, and in the face of uncertainty, planning an effective wellbeing strategy can be challenging.

Whether you are looking to spend your remaining training budget or planning for 2023, speak to us about mental health training today.

Get in touch with our workplace mental health experts to learn more and to discuss your organisation's requirements at workplace@mhfaengland.org.

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