Thursday 1 February was Time to Talk Day and the theme for 2018 is talking about mental health anywhere.

It’s easy to think there’s no right place to talk about mental health. But the more we talk about it, the better life is for all of us. Time to Talk Day is a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. 


At MHFA England we believe in giving people the skills and confidence to be ready to support mental health anywhere – to listen non-judgementally, to reassure and signpost someone to support. So we talked to some of our Mental Health First Aiders and instructors to share their message: it's always a good time to talk about mental health.

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Leyla Okhai, Director of Diverse Minds UK and Higher Education MHFA instructor: “Academic environments and the associated heavy workloads can be a source of stress for both staff and students. By training people in MHFA we not only give people the tools to support others, but the self-care elements of the course also help people think about supporting themselves."   Nick De Luca, Former Scotland International and Youth MHFA instructor: "Throughout my career in rugby I’ve seen young men struggling with poor wellbeing and not feeling they have someone to go to for help. MHFA is a powerful tool that coaches can use to help ensure they’re able to create a supportive environment."   Stuart Skinner, Expedition Leader and Adult MHFA instructor: "Entering extreme environments can present challenges to mental as well as physical health. When cave diving in Belize I was able to use my Mental Health First Aid skills to support a young man experiencing a panic attack after a shark popped up out of nowhere."

Team MHFA England takes Time to Talk 
Members of the MHFA England team decided to share their stories of supporting someone’s mental health - wherever they are.


Time to Change has a range of downloadable materials for Time to Talk 2018 to help you get involved in your workplace, school or community. Why not mark your activity on their map to show what you’re doing to encourage people to talk about mental health.

Time to Talk banner: Stuck in traffic? You can talk about mental health anywhere. Picture of taxi.Time to talk banner: At 3000 feet? You can talk about mental health anywhere. Picture of hot air balloon.

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