The ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto is an aspirational mission statement for a healthier working world. A world where people’s mental health is supported and protected and where wellbeing is at the heart of all we do. 

Bauer Media UK, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England and Natasha Devon MBE, supported by a number of leading mental health organisations, are calling on employers and MPs from across the country to lay down their commitment to workplace wellbeing by signing up to support the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto.

The Manifesto follows on from the first stage of the campaign which called for a change in health and safety regulations to put mental and physical first aid on an equal footing.

A lot has changed in how we approach mental health in the workplace in the last decade, with more employers than ever before waking up to the need to address their people’s mental health and wellbeing.  We now want to turn awareness into action. 

In line with the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ call to promote and protect mental health in the workplace through legislative change, the Workplace Manifesto will encourage employers to take concrete action to create mentally health workplaces where mental and physical health are treated equally. 

­ We are encouraging employers and MPs to sign up as supporters of the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto.

Visit to find out how your organisation can sign up as an official supporter and also how you can call on their MP get involved.  

­ Employers and organisations supportive of the workplace wellbeing agenda are being asked to sign up as official supporters of the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto.

­ This gives employers an opportunity to mark Mental Health Awareness Week by showing they are committed to supporting their staff’s wellbeing.

­ The Manifesto also signposts employers to the Thriving at Work Report and the six core standards which every workplace should aspire to meet.

­ MPs are being asked to sign up as official supporters of the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto.

­ This gives MPs an opportunity to mark Mental Health Awareness Week by showing they are serious about supporting the workplace mental health agenda and encouraging employers in their constituency to sign up to the manifesto too. 

­ MPs will also be signing up to show the importance of their own staff’s wellbeing and in doing so, to lead by example for employers in their constituencies.

­ As part of the next steps to signing the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ Workplace Manifesto we are encouraging all employers to take action, including looking at ways to meet the Thriving at Work six core standards. 

There are many ways to do this. A great place to start is by engaging with the Time to Change Pledge and its commitment to create an action plan that will ensure your organisations thinks and acts differently about mental health at work. 

­ Heads Together’s Mental Health At Work Gateway is another great place to start if you’re looking for resources and ideas to enhance or develop a workplace mental health strategy.  

­ MHFA England has also recently launched guidance for employers about the role of mental health training as part of a wider strategy to creating a mentally healthy workplace. 

­ Mental health training is a key part of improving how we approach mental health in the workplace – raising awareness and giving people the skills to support their own and others’ mental health. 

By law, all workplaces, schools and colleges must make provision around physical first aid. Why not the same for mental health?

Mental health issues including stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society. Mental Health First Aid courses teach people to spot the signs of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. When support and treatment is accessed early, people recover faster and have better outcomes for their health.

Training people in mental health awareness and skills also helps to build an open and supportive culture around mental health. This can stop preventable health issues arising in the first place, and empower people with mental health issues to thrive in work.

We believe that mental and physical health should be treated equally – because we all have mental health. Let’s change the law to reflect this.  

We recommend searching on our website or elsewhere online to find a Mental Health First Aid instructor or training organisation local to you. For example, St John Ambulance offers first aid training for both physical and mental health.

There are a range of Mental Health First Aid courses to suit all sizes of organisation. Larger organisations may wish to contact us directly to access our in-house training and eLearning packages to suit their needs.

We have teamed up with Bauer Media and Natasha Devon MBE to launch the Where’s Your Head At? campaign. Find out more below:

  • Bauer Media owns 107 radio and magazine brands

  • Natasha Devon MBE is an expert mental health campaigner and spokesperson, who delivers mental health and body confidence training in schools and colleges across the UK

  • We are Mental Health First Aid England, a community interest company and the leading provider of mental health training in England (learn more about us here)

Where's Your Head At? is backed by MPs from across the House including former Minister for Health and Social Care, the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP, Luciana Berger MP and Johnny Mercer MP. The campaign is also supported by a host of celebrities including Alastair Campbell, Rachel Riley, Professor Green, Liam Payne, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher, Anne-Marie, Candice Brown, Jamie Laing, Charlotte Crosby, Kem Cetinay, and Megan McKenna.