Support included - person in classroomThe workplace has changed for people and organisations. In the last few years, we've seen a global pandemic, economic downturns, cost of living pressures, adaptation to hybrid working, the great resignation and a recruitment crisis. It has taken a toll on employees, and now – more than ever – they need mental health support in the workplace. 

Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) are crucial to helping boost employee wellbeing as we adjust to a profoundly changed workplace environment. But while MHFAiders® work to support others, they need support, too. 

At MHFA England, providing support, building confidence and growing a community to drive change is crucial to us. It isn't a footnote or a half-hearted line in the small print. We've spent 15 years generating conversation around workplace mental health, and we understand that being an effective MHFAider® requires learning and support beyond training. 

That's why we offer ongoing support to help MHFAiders® feel confident and empowered - long after they've completed their training course. 
New course and benefits

Community included - conversation between two peopleMHFAiders® are essential to maintaining employee wellbeing. Our training is grounded in proven techniques and developed with clinical practitioners to ensure we provide the best course content possible.

We make sure everything taught is reflective of people’s real lived experiences of poor mental health.   

And as a result, our course has proven to increase MHFAiders’® confidence in supporting people with mental health issues, meaning they can support your workplace more effectively in the long term.  

But while MHFAiders® work to support others, they need support too. It is a crucial part of ensuring that MHFAiders® stay effective, confident and motivated to help their colleagues. 

Confidence included - smiling person with papersThrough their training and certification, MHFAiders® become part of a workplace wellbeing community. With access to the MHFAider Support App®, they can access 24/7 digital support, as well as training resources and ongoing learning opportunities.   

Additionally, MHFAiders® receive access to exclusive events so that they can continue to develop their support for your workplace beyond the training course 
  • The MHFAider Support App® provides training resources and ongoing learning opportunities so that MHFAiders® can improve their support skills on the job 

  • MHFAiders® can help organise their roles with reminders and secure conversation journaling, to safely reflect on their work

  • The MHFAider Support App® works to support the MHFAiders'® own mental health with  resources within to teach critical self-care skills

  • The app provides 24/7 text support for when MHFAiders® are feeling overwhelmed or need guidance for certain situations  

  • MHFAiders® have access to regular online events that provide further learning and support, allowing them to continue to perform their role confidently and effectively, long after receiving their initial training 

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We strive to create courses and resources that everyone can access. When you book training through MHFA England, please specify if you will need course materials in accessible formats.

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