The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has today published a guide for small businesses looking to improve the wellbeing of their workforce. The guide includes specific advice for leaders of small businesses and self-employed workers to help them to look after both their own and their team’s mental health. 

Published in association with Heads Together, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England and Mind, the guide signposts to a range of resources and materials, including the Mental Health at Work gateway, the MHFA England Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit and the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index. As part of the FSB campaign on wellbeing launched in 2017, the guide aims to help small businesses turn awareness into practical action by providing relevant tools and information. 

As part of this, MHFA England training is recommended as a time and cost-effective way for SMEs to challenge stigma and build a supportive and understanding atmosphere.

Healthcare communications consultancy Clark Health Communications took the opportunity to share its thoughts on MHFA England training as part of the FSB's campaign: 

Mental Health First Aider, Deborah Corcoran, who is a director at Clark Health Communications, took part as one of several case studies from SME leaders featured within the guide. She commented:  

“Mental Health First Aid training has given an already close-knit team the confidence to be more proactive when looking out for each other’s mental wellbeing; a crucial skill when time and resources may be in short supply.  

“It can often be simple to spot when there is a physical health problem. We have a first aid kit in the office, so we know we can sort minor cuts and injuries or manage the situation until specialist. Mental Health First Aid now gives us that ‘first aid kit’ for mental ill health.” 

Clive Stevenson, a National Trainer and Mental Health First Aid England instructor, also spoke to the FSB about the importance of investing in mental health in the workplace: 

You can read more on Deborah and Clark Health Communications’ approach here

To read the full FSB guide, head to their website.