Simon Blake OBE has written an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling for a commitment from Government that the important functions carried out by Public Health England, in relation to the promotion of public mental health, will be maintained by the new National Institute for Health Protection. 

The letter, which has been signed by MHFA England Chair Mark Watson-Gandy and over 300 of the MHFA England Instructor Member community, urges the Prime Minister to ensure that a focused lens on the physical impact of the Coronavirus pandemic does not limit the attention paid to the mental health impacts of the virus and risk a backwards step in policy, investment and outcomes.

It offers four key recommendations on a national level and a plea to enhance funding in prevention measures for mental ill health at a local authority level. 

Simon concludes the letter;

"We have made so much progress over the last decade. That progress must be sustained and built on through the transition from Public Health England to the new National Institute for Health Protection. The financial, social and human cost of not doing so is too great."

You can read the letter to the Prime Minister in full here.