The MENTOR study investigated employees’ views on the impact of MHFA England training in their workplace. There were three parts to the study:

  1. A scoping review of other courses used in workplaces to address mental health and suicide awareness, and comparison with MHFA England courses

  2. A survey to investigate how MHFA training had been implemented in organisations where at least one member of the workforce had received the training

  3. Interviews with participants from some of these organisations to gain richer insight into the implementation, use and utility of MHFA training in the workplace

Researchers surveyed 139 participants from 81 organisations across England. The organisations were spread across 20 different industries in the private, public and third sectors.

Participants were asked what had changed in their workplaces as a result of MHFA England training. Responses included:

  • 91% said there had been an increased understanding of mental health issues in their workplace

  • 87% said more mental health conversations were happening at work

  • 83% had noticed an improvement in procedures for signposting to further support

The survey and interview findings also suggested that key factors for successful workplace MHFA programmes included clear rationales for introducing training, well-motivated MHFA coordinators and the existence of Mental Health First Aider networks.

For further information:

Narayanasamy M, Geraghty J, Coole C, Nouri F, Thomson L, Callaghan P, Drummond, A | MENtal health first aid in The wORkplace (MENTOR): A feasibility study | IOSH | November 2018