Research has proven that People of Colour and Black People experience poorer mental health outcomes than the rest of the population. Over a third (37%) of People of Colour say they have been bullied, abused, or singled out because of their race at work and half of Black Britons say they are as likely to have experienced racism at work as in the street.

As a social enterprise that provides mental health training and education, MHFA England has published its first progress report on our race equity and anti–racist work. This follows our commitment in July 2020 to become a truly anti-racist social enterprise. The commitment was underpinned by a 15-point action plan and the Race Equity Impact Report 2021 examines the progress against those actions, reveals lessons learnt and sets out our future commitments on race equity.

In publishing the report, we hope to provide a wider understanding of racism and its links to mental health. We want to inspire other organisations to create equitable, anti-racist workplaces and drive cultural and systemic change within the mental health landscape and society more widely.

Download a pdf of the report here

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If your business wants to champion race equity and mental health from the top, MHFA England recently launched a Race Equity and Mental Health course to empower leaders to drive cultural change. The course will give senior leaders the knowledge and tools to build an organisational vision for race equity and mental health with impact measures to demonstrate progress.

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