This study evaluated the rollout of MHFA training to 69 trainees across six courses in the London Borough of Camden. It found that:

  • 88% of the 34 participants who said they had been in contact with someone with mental health issues post course had offered help or advice to them, i.e. given Mental Health First Aid. Many of these had offered help to more than one person, with 48 total instances of giving Mental Health First Aid

  • At six months post training, over 50% of participants felt that the course had a moderate or substantial positive impact on their own mental health. Only 14% felt it had none

  • Self-assessment in confidence on helping someone increased from a range of 20-68% rating themselves as quite/very confident to 93-100%, dropping to 83-100% six months post training. Self-assessment in knowledge of mental health issues also increased, and higher percentages responded correctly to true/false statements testing for mental health knowledge six months post training

Download pdf:
Brett-Jones, J. 2010: NHS Camden Mental Health First Aid Programme Review