MHFA has been delivered in Islington since April 2008. This evaluation was commissioned to establish a greater understanding of the impact it has had locally, what it has achieved and guide NHS Islington's future steps. 

A survey was sent out to past participants on MHFA England courses within the London Borough of Islington and 136 surveys were completed. The results showed:

  • 68.5% said they had used MHFA skills to help or at advise at least one person post training; many had helped more than one
  • Most help given was a combination of the skills learned on the course, with an emphasis on listening, giving reassurance and providing information; over 50% had encouraged professional help to be sought
  • Over 80% said the training had helped them improve their knowledge of mental health issues quite well or fully

Download pdf:
Heer, B. NHS Islington. 2010: Mental Health First Aid training evaluation