In May 2010 MHFA courses were delivered to managers in Northumberland's Fire and Rescue Service. The report shows the effectiveness of the course and how it had a significant and positive impact on attitudes to people with mental health issues, and also increased participants' knowledge and confidence about helping people with mental health issues.

The MHFA courses were delivered as mandatory training for 41 managers within Northumberland’s Fire and Rescue Service, with another 65 managers randomly allocated to either a leafleting or other training session. The study found that:

  • MHFA training was significantly more effective than a leaflet session at promoting more positive attitudes towards people with mental health issues

  • MHFA participants showed statistically significant differences in attitudes towards people with mental health issues (p<.0001) and knowledge of mental health issues (p<.001)

  • Participants also had increased confidence in their ability to manage their own stress, as well as increased belief in their ability to help others with a mental health issue and an increased desire to help others

Download pdf:
Robson, J. & Bostock, J. 2010: Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid Training with Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service