In March 2010 University of Bath School for Health carried out an independent evaluation into the effectiveness of MHFA training for line managers working in the public sector. The research focused on whether training line managers in MHFA increased mental health literacy, improved confidence in supporting those experiencing mental ill health and positively changed attitudes towards workers and the public experiencing mental ill health.

The study evaluated the delivery of MHFA training to 55 individuals, largely line managers and frontline staff working within the public sector, using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative measurements. It found:

  • Statistically significant increases (p<0.01) in knowledge and confidence in helping someone experiencing mental ill health, as well as perception of mental health issues

  • Positive changes in attitudes and understanding of mental health, as analysed through semi-structured interviews and use of the Mental Health Problems Perceptions Questionnaire (MHPPQ)

  • Positive themes in semi-structured interviews focused around supporting one another, stigma and attitude change, and increased knowledge

Download pdf:
Brandling, J. Mental Health Research & Development Unit, School for Health, University of Bath. 2010: Evaluating Mental Health First Aid Training for Line Managers working in the public sector