Thank you for your interest in our My Whole Self campaign.  

My Whole Self encourages workplaces to celebrate and embrace our diverse identities and experiences. We want organisations to empower employees to bring their whole self to work. That includes background, sexuality, religion, gender, health, and mental health. 

Over the past five years, My Whole Self has evolved from a handful of people sharing their My Whole Selfies to hundreds of organisations embedding the principles of My Whole Self into their workplace.   

Whether this is your first time discovering My Whole Self and you need an overview of the campaign, or you are looking to remind yourself of our resources and deepen your involvement, we have created a new guide to support you.  

The My Whole Self: Guide to creating inclusive workplace cultures has been created to give you everything you need to create workplaces where everyone is seen, heard, and valued and where wellbeing and productivity go hand in hand.


Download My Whole Self: Guide to creating inclusive workplace cultures

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