As more organisations switch to remote working, human connections are more vital than ever. Working from home can feel isolating, so if your organisation is working remotely, My Whole Self is a great way to strengthen your virtual relationships.

We'll be focusing the first phase of My Whole Self on keeping people connected through online activities and sharing guidance to support employees experiencing anxiety, disconnectedness, or social isolation. Share your activities and My Whole Selfies using #MyWholeSelf

My Whole Self toolkit

1. Working from home? View and share the guidance

We've put together some guidance for ways to support your mental health while working from home.

Download: Supporting your mental health while working from home (PDF)


How do you look after yourself while working from home? Share your tips using #MyWholeSelf.

2. Share your My Whole Selfie

Create a My Whole Selfie and share your authentic self online. This is a great way to connect with colleagues if you're working remotely.

Download: How to guide (PDF)

Here is our Chief Executive Simon's example:  

MHFA England Chief Executive Simon Blake's My Whole Selfie

Read Simon's blog about My Whole Self here.

Here's the MHFA England central team getting involved:

A montage of My Whole Selfies submitted by MHFA England central team

Don't feel like posting your photo? Here's a non-selfie version: download, add text or images to describe your whole self at the bottom, and share to your Facebook or Instagram story.

3. Listen and share the podcast

Simon Blake OBE returns for a second series of Just About Coping podcast. This time we're asking leaders from the worlds of business, sport, and more: how can we create workforces where everyone has the freedom to bring their whole self? Our first guest is Dara Nasr, Managing Director of Twitter UK.

4. Activity sheets

Guidance and details on how to run the discussion panel and 'book club' activities.

My Whole Self discussion panel activity sheet (PDF)
My Whole Self 'book club' activity sheet (PDF)

My Whole Self discussion panel activity sheet thumbnail     My Whole Self book club activity sheet thumbnail

6. Animation

This short clip explains what My Whole Self is and why it's important. Share it at work to introduce your organisation to My Whole Self, and show your support by sharing it on social media.

Download: GIF (no sound) | MOV (with sound) 
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7. Email banner

Download this graphic and add to your email signature to show your organisation is taking part in My Whole Self.

Download: Email banner (PNG)

My Whole Self email banner

8. Campaign kit

Guide for organisations on how they can take part in the conversation on My Whole Self, including suggested social media posts and web or newsletter copy.

Download: Campaign kit (PDF)

My Whole Self campaign kit

9. Social media graphics 

Share these to show your support for My Whole Self on social media.

"We're supporting the campaign for workplace culture change"
Download (PNG): 
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My Whole Self Twitter card: We're supporting the campaign for workplace culture change

"I'm supporting the campaign for workplace culture change"
Download (PNG):
Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter 

My Whole Self Twitter card: I'm supporting the campaign for workplace culture change

What is My Whole Self?

My Whole Self is a new campaign from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England. We’re calling on organisations to empower employees to bring their whole self to work. Whether online or in person, bringing your whole self to work is a mindset that is better for wellbeing and better for business.

The highest performing workplaces are supportive and inclusive. By putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of mental health and wellbeing, employers can create a culture where people can be themselves at work. This helps people to feel more engaged, to think bolder, find common ground, and work more effectively together. 

Google’s landmark Aristotle study found that ‘psychological safety’ is one of five key elements that allows a team to excel. Teams that feel safe and connected work better together. To do this they need a working environment that allows them to be authentic and show their whole self.

For more details, read Simon's blog: My Whole Self and supporting the mental health of the nation.

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