This course is available as either an online or face-to-face training session.

Empower Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) to maintain their skills with regular Refresher training.   

The four-hour MHFA Refresher course will support your MHFAiders® by: 

  • Renewing their skills 

  • Updating their knowledge of mental health supports 

  • Giving them the chance to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan
  • Providing them access to three years of MHFAider® support and benefits

Enabling your MHFAiders® to refresh their skills, the same way your physical first aiders do, is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to treating mental health and physical health equally. 

Investing in the course will keep your MHFAiders® motivated, empowered and confident to carrying out their roles, and give you the peace of mind that they can perform their duties effectively.   

What are MHFAider® support and benefits? 

With access to MHFAider® support and benefits, training doesn't stop when the course comes to an end. We provide continuous support for MHFAiders® – well beyond initial certification – so they are confident, empowered and motivated to carry out their role. 

MHFAiders® get automatic 24/7 digital support through the MHFAider Support App®. From there they will find exclusive resources, ongoing learning opportunities and the benefit of joining England’s largest community of trained MHFAiders®. 

Access includes

  • A resource library of toolkits, guidance, animations and core mental health concepts to support them in their role as an MHFAider®  

  • A signposting database through Hub of Hope to find local and national mental health services for additional support  

  • Secure conversation journalling to make reflective notes while protecting confidentiality  

  • Reminders for wellbeing check ins with the people MHFAiders® are supporting   

  • 24/7 text support services through Shout for advice and reassurance on a mental health conversation or to support wellbeing after a difficult conversation  

  • Exclusive quarterly webinars to embed and broaden mental health knowledge  

  • The benefit of joining England’s largest community of trained MHFAiders®  

  • This is a half day course delivered either face-to-face or online

  • Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities 

  • We limit numbers to 25 people per course so that your instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn

How often should MHFA England skills be refreshed?

We believe that mental health should be treated equally to physical health – and just like physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid training should be kept up to-date. We recommend MHFA Refresher training every three years 

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We strive to create courses and resources that everyone can access. When you book training through MHFA England, please specify if you will need course materials in accessible formats.

Visit our accessibility page for more information.

The original version of our MHFA Refresher course, which does not come with MHFAider® support and benefits, will continue to be delivered by some Instructor Members until the end of January 2023. If you are interested in taking the MHFA Refresher course or have already booked your place, please contact your Instructor Member for clarification on the best way for you to access to MHFAider® support and benefits.

Want to develop the expertise of your MHFAiders®?

By keeping the mental health knowledge of your MHFAiders® up to date, they will be eligible to take our internationally recognised MHFAider® qualification.

Find out more about the MHFAider® qualification

Testimonial for MHFA Refresher

"Supporting the mental health of Civil Service employees is hugely important to us. Mental Health First Aiders (or equivalent) form a key part of this support. Colleagues who had been undertaking the role for some time had identified and shared a need to refresh their knowledge, skills and practical application.

We therefore approached Mental Health First Aid England and commissioned a half day pilot MHFA Refresher training event. The Refresher training offer was delivered to a group of 24 participants and included providing attendees with an MHFA Refresher manual and Line Managers' Resource. Post-event feedback indicated that the training was well received and fully met our needs.”

The Civil Service, following delivery of the MHFA Refresher to a cross-government group of Mental Health First Aiders