Return to Work and Mental Health is a new course for HR professionals. Using a unique training blend of HR and mental health expertise, this course allows you to support the mental health of returning employees, empowering them to thrive and stay in work.

Equip your HR professionals by empowering them to: 

  • Understand the conditions that employees need to flourish when they return to work 

  • Build their own toolkit to apply in a range of return to work situations​

  • Learn to provide practical support to managers dealing with employee return to work after long term absence​

  • Increase their confidence and develop advanced skills to navigate complex return to work situations

  • This is an online course delivered through the MHFA England Online Learning Hub

  • Learning takes place through two 3.5 hour live sessions spread across up to two weeks. Learners must complete two hours of individual learning before each session. See course structure section below for more detail 

  • The course can be delivered to between 8 and 12 people to allow for rich discussion


Everyone who completes the course gets:

  • A digital workbook for each module

  • A digital resource for each module which expands on the learning covered in the live session, and contains the models and frameworks to refer back to

  • A set of templates to build out your action plan and an organisational checklist for embedding change

  • A comprehensive reading list to continue expanding knowledge


£3,000 + VAT for a commissioned cohort of up to 12 people

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We strive to create courses and resources that everyone can access. When you book training through MHFA England, please specify if you will need course materials in accessible formats.

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Course structure

Individual learning (2 hours) - must be completed prior to live session:

  • Case study preparation

  • Competence self-assessment

  • Confidence self-assessment

Live session (3 hours 30 minutes):

  • Knowing yourself to know your people​

  • Conditions for Thriving framework

  • Role of identity

  • Mental Health Continuum

  • Responses to change

  • Empowering skilled conversations using empathy and coaching

  • The Five Stages of Return to Work model

  • Mental health action plans ​and reasonable adjustments ​

  • Case studies and practice

  • Post-work reflective practice

Individual learning (2 hours) - must be completed prior to live session 

  • Mental health self-care kit

  • Your Stress Container – identify positive coping strategies  

  • Complex case study

  • Refresh of Conditions for Thriving framework and the Five Stages of Return to Work model

  • Reading list (optional)

Live session (3 hours 30 minutes)

  • Embedding learning and capturing reflections​

  • Organisational culture and how it impacts on RTW​

  • The business case for workplace mental health ​

  • Process and procedure

  • Competency framework for managers

  • The Five Stages of Return to Work model: Putting it into action

  • Complex case studies

  • Exploration of roles of the manager and HR​

  • Organisational checklist for embedding change ​and enabling people to thrive​

  • Action planning and reflection