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Dan Lane

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<p>Dan Lane</p>

<p>Training Manager ICS Academy and Espirita </p>


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<p>Over the past 13 years I have supported people through their recovery suffering with conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Eating disorders and drug and alcohol addictions. I have also supported friends and family with different mental health conditions and one thing that I have found that everyone has in common is early recognition and intervention of anyone who is suffering from a mental health illness makes a big difference to how quickly they recover.</p>

<p>I have been training people for over 8 years working in healthcare and have trained thousands of staff in subjects such as Physical First aid, Mental health first aid, physical intervention, moving and handling, Management of medication, infection control and the care certificate. I have also developed a mental health awareness course for managers and have successfully run this course for several companies across Southend such as Southend council, C2C, Boarder force, Academy schools and Macmillan nurses. I am now the training manager for a private healthcare provider called ICS and have a team of 6 mandatory trainers training people across the country.</p>

<p>I am passionate about supporting my team and leading by example, I feel honoured to be able to make a difference to the quality of care that someone can receive through the quality of the training that we provide and it is my responsibility to ensure that training is to the highest standard.</p>

<p>I am a highly committed and enthusiastic team player, I thrive on a challenge and I am compassionate in all that I do. My students feel at ease with my relaxed approachable manner and I am able to instruct them with praise and in a professional way to ensure that everyone completes the course with confidence. I believe that training should be fun and you never stop learning.</p>

<p>Throughout all of my training sessions I am always revising course content to ensure that the outcome has a positive impact on business performance and all my candidates complete each course with the knowledge and skills to do their job with confidence. I believe that all training courses should have a relaxed but positive approach to the importance to the correct code of practice for the duty of care of everyone that we deal with.</p>

<p> From my experience as a Training manager / Senior trainer I have worked hand in hand with Directors to ensure that I have knowledge and understanding of best practice training procedures this has developed my communication skills.</p>

<p>My determination, motivation and approachable manner gives me the skills to reach all of the challenges that I face.</p>


<p>Mental health First aid accredited instructor</p>

<p>Mental health First aider</p>

<p>Mental health Youth Champion</p>

<p>First aid instructor</p>

<p>Level 3 PTLLS Teaching qualification</p>

<p>Level 3 assessors certificate</p>

<p>Level 4 internal Quality assurance certificate</p>

<p>FAW certificate</p>

<p>NFPS Level 3 advanced physical intervention instructor</p>

<p>Work Safe Training: BTEC Level 3 advanced instructor for first aid and AED</p>

<p>Moving and handling instructor</p>

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