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With a true passion for delivering workshops and training in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, Jo blends her business experience with her holistic approach to life.

Jo-Ann has a background in business operations with over 10 years’ experience in implementing and facilitating change initiatives across various public sector organisations. She is a skilled communicator with solid business acumen.
She believes a Happy Tribe is a more productive, creative, and collaborative one and that by weaving this ethos into the workplace, we can support the development of a workforce for the future. Creating workplaces where people are at the heart of every business, and wellbeing drives productivity, innovation, and growth.

Jo also has a wealth of lived experience which she shares in an open and authentic way with those who attend her courses, she understands the true value of supporting positive mental health through effectively managing stress and building resilience.

A qualified yoga instructor and certified holistic wellness practitioner in Body Talk and Reiki, Jo-Ann is also the Founder and CEO of The Happy Mind Tribe and is mum to two young boys.

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Work Experience

Currently - Founder and CEO at The Happy Mind Tribe


MHFA England Adult 2 Day Instructor
MHFA England Adult 1 Day Course Instructor
MHFA England Adult 1/2 Day Course Instructor
SOMA Youth Mindfulness Practitioner
Certified Bodytalk Practitioner (CBP)
Reiki Practitioner
Certified Yoga Instructor and Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Advanced MindScape Practitioner
Prince2 and Agile Project Manager

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