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I am aware of the complexities individuals can face and how they can impact on our emotions, social interactions, personal and professional relationships.

I have a personal interest in empowering people and our communities to be at the helm of the support and training that they receive, to be autonomous and self-governing to be able to build their own resilience with the right support in place.

After losing a family friend when he had mental health support needs I retrained to support personal friends and numerous families as a case worker and Advocate around Article 2 Human Rights Act, in particular when people experience poor levels of support when in crisis, or in contact with statutory services.

I aim to provide a client focused service that is warm, empathetic, non-judgmental and genuine to each individual’s circumstances. In a safe and respectful environment and lead with RESPECT.
Respecting, Every, Single, Perspective/Person's Emotional, Challenge, Together ©

Our training delivery helps to normalise what we might feel and experience, and reduce the stigma through appropriate Psycho-education which we enhance with our FREE resources to help supplement the learning.

Work Experience

My experience has led me to work with many large organisations including The Priory where I worked in a rehabilitation and recovery service for females with complex mental health needs. Support needs included schizophrenia and bipolar, eating disorders with some having co-morbid conditions such as mild learning disabilities, alcohol and drug abuse and borderline personality disorder.

Other experience includes having worked for Springfield MIND, a national Mental Health charity providing supportive services out of GP Surgeries, delivering pathways for Stress, depression, Grief & Loss, Managing Anger, self-esteem, Feeling Alone and Anxiety & Panic Attacks and much more.

I am the Director of Adult Services for a CIC and also run my private practice. I am an active Childline volunteer working as a primary contact for children calling in a crisis or utilising the chat platform.

As well as delivering workshops in the West Midlands to schools and academies around the controversial Stop & Search power implementing The Home Office's 'Best Use of Stop & Search' scheme, trying to ensure the safe implementation of the power. I compliment this work by also sitting as a member of the affiliated scrutiny panel and also sit with The West Midlands Police Racial Disparity Panel (Walsall) trying to evoke major change within the force.

I have experience working with both adults and children in varying capacities. Delivering workshops, Mentoring, Counselling and also product development for our organisation, and I have a special interest in working with complex issues through a trauma informed lens and have a Level 3 Specialist qualification in Working with Gangs & Youth Violence (Social Sciences).

I also work with Act CIC as pastoral support for their Level 3 Social Science Gangs Courses which is also delivered In the Western Caribbean, I support with delivery of the Gangs and Youth Violence Module to UK cohorts. I hope to enrol as much of the new cohorts for Mental Health First Aid to help underpin their knowledge.

My community engagement has led to collaboration with the NHS programmed as a motivational speaker in conjunction with the Crisis Care Concordat launch, and I continue to build community networks with local Policing teams and grassroots organisations.


Mental Health First Aid England Adult & Youth 2 day (Mental Health Adult First Aid Instructor), MHFA England Associate Trainer: Race Equity & Mental Health for Senior Leaders
Outcomes Star by Triangle Licensed Practitioner including the Mental Health Recovery Star
Award In Education & Training (AET - Formerly PTTLS)
Advanced Certificate In Clinical Supervision Including Online Training (Ongoing)

The Foundation for Infant Loss - Accredited Counselling Professional Register
Adult Mental Health Nursing Bsc – Birmingham City University BSC
Substance Misuse: Crisis through to Wellness and Recovery & Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
Level 3 Working with Gangs & Youth Violence
Problem Gambling Awareness for Professionals
Certificate in Relationship Counselling
Criminal Psychology PGDip
BACP Accredited Foundation Degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy Fda
Level 2 in Caring for Children & Young People
Level 2 & 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills
Level 2 Introduction to Counselling

Supplementary courses include:

Level 3 Principles of Management
Suicide First Aid Understanding Intervention & Lite Trainer (City & Guilds)
Level 3 OCN Accredited Community Research
Level 2 Independent Advocacy

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