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I'm Tabby Kerwin, MD of Mode for... which focusses on music, events, publishing and mental health.

My wellbeing and that of my clients and colleagues is paramount and that’s why I trained as a mental health first Aider, so I can implement that knowledge and understanding in all that I do.

With this in mind and having dealt with my own mental ill health and grief following the death of my husband and business partner in November 2018, this is why I created #thecalmbride and #createmyhappy - balancing life and all we have to deal with to be happy and stress free is so
Important to me and I do this through my tried and tested approach of possibility, Productivity & Performance. ‘The Three Ps’ is my mantra and my book of the same name was published in April 2019.

Mental Health First Aid Training is my focus, helping to breakdwon the stigma and create resiliencce and awareness surrounding mental health.

Work Experience

I’m a writer, musician, conversationalist, mental health advocate and trained Mental Health First Aider and Mental Health First Aid instructor.

A professional musician by trade I have a passion for events and music, but my real focus is putting good mental health first in all that I do.

I launched my company specialising in events, music, publishing and mental health in March 2008.

I still also work as a freelance speaker and musician and am a published author.


BA(Mus) Grad RNCM
Mental Health First Aid Instructor

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