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I am married 42 years (2020) and have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.
I love motorcycling, mountain biking, walking, fishing, golf - anything outdoors really.
I am a solution provider and love to fix and restore things.
I am passionate about seeing people reach and live in their full potential.
I am a believer.

Work Experience

I have 38 years of Project Management experience in many World Class projects and First In Classs projects. These have ranged from Managing Concept to production, R&D to Market within the - Food and Beverage, Pharamceutical, Gold, Coal, Steel, Paper, Platinum, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical industries.

I have re-engineered company HR systems, Business rules and operations, Mentored and trained engineers in a Project environment , trained adults in Avionics System, and led large Software and control system teams.

I am now semi retired and have committed my efforts in heping people reach their full potential, living productive lives and their well-being.

My experience in business managment, allows me to focus on the real Well-Being of the business, to be more productive by having a safe place to work in and a mentally healthy team and environment.


MHFA England - Instructor, Mental Health First Aider, Workplace First Aider, Safeguarding - Domestic Abuse, Safegaurding - Foundation
Workplace Health and Safety, Workplace Stress Management,Workplace Mental Health for Managers
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - 1, Understanding Adolescent Depression, Psychology Diploma
Psychological First Aider - Pandemic, Rewind Technique - Truma and PTSD, EMDR Therapy
Professional Business Coach, Life Coach and Mentor, Life Coaching Diploma, CBT Diploma, CBT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner
What is a Mind?, Understanding the Brain - Neurobiology,
Code of Conduct - Best Practices, Diveristy - Unconcious Bias, Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
People Leadership, Agile Leadership,
Commercial Law, Business Process Re-Engineering, Business Management, Business and Financial Analyst, Prince 2 Practitioner, Certified International Project Manager, Master Project Manager
SAP Project Manager
Senior Avionic Instructor
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