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Michael Scott

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I am married for 44 years (2022) and have two sons and two grandchildren.
I love motorcycling, mountain biking, walking, fishing, golf - anything outdoors really.
I am a solution provider and love to fix and restore things.
I am passionate about seeing people reach and live to their full potential.
I am a believer.

Work Experience

I have 35 plus years of International Project Management experience in many World Class projects and First In Class projects. These have ranged from Managing Concepts to production, R&D to Market within the - Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Gold, Coal, Steel, Paper, Platinum, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical industries.

I have re-engineered company HR systems, Business rules, and operations, Mentored and trained engineers in a Project environment, trained adults in Avionics systems, and led large Software and control system teams.

Having changed careers several years ago, to pursue the deeper aspects of Mental Health and Business well-being I am now semi-retired and have committed my efforts to helping people reach their full potential, living productive lives, and improving their wellbeing.

My experience in business management, allows me to focus on the natural Well-Being of the business, and to be more productive by having a safe place to work and a mentally healthy team and environment.


M.Couns - Counselling, M.MHSc - (Mental Health Sciences), PG.Dip. HPsych (Health Psychology), PG.Dip.Psych ( Psychology)
MHFA England - Instructor, Mental Health First Aider, Workplace First Aider, Psychological First Aider - Pandemic, Safeguarding - Domestic Abuse, Safeguarding - Foundation, Community Befriender, Workplace Health and Safety, Workplace Stress Management, Workplace Mental Health for Managers.

Mental Health - Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - CTS 1, Mental Health Schizophrenia and Anxiety Disorders, Mental Health Support Worker (HND), Understanding Adolescent Depression, Schizophrenia and its Treatment, Personality Development, Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness, Anxiety, Depression & Mental Health, Depression Counselling, Grief and Bereavement Counsellor, Addiction Recovery & Counselling,

Counselling and Psychology (HND), Psychology Diploma, Forensic Psychology, Psychology First Aid, Child Psychology (HND), Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (HND), Advanced Psychology, Psychology Support worker, Psychology of Stress and Anxiety, Occupational Therapy, CBT Diploma, CBT Practitioner, REBT therapist, EMDR Therapy, Rewind Technique - Trauma and PTSD,

Coaching & Neuroscience - Professional Business Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Life Coaching Diploma, Health and Wellbeing Coach, NLP Practitioner, Understanding the Brain - Neurobiology, What is a Mind?

Leadership - People Leadership, Agile Leadership, Leadership & Management, Conflict Resolution, Code of Conduct - Best Practices, Diversity - Unconscious Bias, Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, Mindfulness,

Commercial Law, Business Process Re-Engineering, Business Management, Business, and Financial Analyst, Prince 2 Practitioner, Certified International Project Manager, Master Project Manager
SAP Project Manager, Senior Avionic Instructor, Other Technical and Business Qualifications

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