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I run my own Mental Health First Aid company called 'Responder MHFA', training individuals and organisations in MHFA both face-to-face, as well as running the new Online Adult Two Day course.

On top of this I work as a freelance MHFA trainer, delivering training on behalf of other MHFA training organisations. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to run a course for you.


"Jo is a phenomenal instructor and discusses sensitive topics with the upmost care and compassion. I could not have wished for better than Jo. Thank you!"

"Jo was engaging, highly knowledgeable and presented in such a natural way. Absolutely brilliant - thank you Jo. When signing up for a virtual course you never quite know what you are getting, but the balance of listening, activities, discussions with tasks and homework worked well".

"Jo was fantastic, she is possibly the best facilitator/instructor I’ve had in any type of course I’ve done."

"It was such an important step for me to get on this course. I feel better informed & have the necessary tools to listen & assist colleagues, friends & family".

"Amazing course and so well delivered. The content, resource and Jo were all excellent and can't speak highly enough. I'm really positive and enthusiastic after it, I think everyone would benefit by going on this course and I'll be telling everyone I know about it".

"Should be essential training for all teachers or anyone working with young people. Will certainly recommend".

"I really enjoyed this course and think it provided so much useful and helpful information about mental health. It felt really comprehensive. I loved the way it championed a non judgmental attitude and breaking down stigma.It would be amazing if everyone could do this course! I definitely feel more confident to help someone with mental health issues, moving forward. Thank you!"

"This course was amazing, I feel more educated about the topic of mental health and now have the confidence to support someone going through a crisis. The layout of the course was great, all topics are quite heavy so cutting them down to a couple of hours a day plus individual learning on top worked well for me. Jo was was a great instructor, she was enthusiastic, articulate and great fun. I am going to recommend this course to my friends, colleagues and family as I believe it is something everyone should do".

"Absolutely Brilliant! Clear and accessible information. Engagement was easy with such engaging trainers - their knowledge was very comprehensive. "

"Fantastic Trainer - Warm, open and trustworthy. Huge wealth of knowledge and charismatic and engaging delivery. Thank you! "

"5 stars! One of the best trainings I have ever been on. Jo was brilliant. "

"Highly recommend! A brilliant course with brilliant instructors! Engaging, insightful and de-stigmatising of mental health. Highly recommend and should be core training for anyone working with young people".

"I'll never forget ALGEE! The repetition (and dancing!) for the ALGEE model means I will never forget it! This has been an excellent training opportunity and it will definitely improve my practice working with young people".

Many more testimonials available on my website:

Work Experience

I am an experienced Secondary School Teacher, having taught in the UK and Australia for the last 12 years. During this time I have held a variety of positions, including many pastoral care roles (Head of House, Head of Year, etc), which has involved supporting young people experiencing mild to severe mental health challenges. This has involved liaising with parents, teachers, counsellors and psychiatrists to ensure that the young person receives the help that they need. As a teacher I have always felt on the 'front line' in terms of supporting young people with their mental health as they often open up to you rather than parents; this is where the MHFA qualification has proved invaluable and why it is something that I feel all teachers should complete.

I also tutor GCSE and A Level students in Psychology and enjoy this mentoring role. In addition I run an organisation called the Study Skills Academy, which supports the learning and well-being of students by teaching evidence-based study skills that help students become more effective learners and reduces anxiety around school and exams. On top of this, I work as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, running mental health workshops in schools aimed at getting young people talking about mental health and reducing the stigma around mental ill-health. In this capacity I have run many 'ThinkWell' workshops on behalf of Pixel Learning.


BSc (Hons) in Psychology (First Class)
PGCE (Secondary)
MSc in Psychology with Distinction

First Aid (2 day)
Mental Health First Aid (2 day)
Mental Health First Aid Instructor accredited to deliver the following courses:
Adult 2 Day, Adult 1/2 day, Youth 2 day, Youth 1 day, Youth 1/2 day, Higher education 1 day.

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