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I’m Nicole and a passionate advocate for the improvement of mental health of the nation. I am proud to be an MHFA Instructor member, helping like-minded people to identify, understand and assist people who may be struggling with poor mental health.

Combining my academic knowledge with first-hand experience of living with a mental health condition, I am able to facilitate this training in an authentic and engaging manner. Please see my client testimonials at the bottom of this profile.

If you are interested in finding out how to better support adults or children/young adults, or wish to enrol on an upcoming course, please press the 'contact me' button below or e-mail

Work Experience

I’m a Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant & Speaker as well as a Mental Health First Aid instructor.

My Company, Hope Health, specialises in corporate wellbeing events and mental health first aid training. I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful clients globally including Expedia, Standard Charter Bank, Mizuho Corporate Bank and Pets At Home to name a few.


"I was very fortunate to attend one of Nicole's virtual courses on Mental Health. She was recommended to me by some of my colleagues, and now I know why. Nicole was open and approachable, which really put me at ease. I personally found the subject matter very intense, but I thought she delivered the content in an informative and sensitive way. I am so glad I completed the course, and even more so that she was my tutor"

"I was fortunate to be one of Nicole's students taking the Mental Health First Aider (England) course in August this year. Nicole's passion for mental health and wellbeing matters, encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter and ability to communicate the main themes of the course in a personable and empathetic manner really shone through. I can thoroughly recommend Nicole to any organisation which is looking to develop and hone its wellbeing strategy to help achieve a happier, healthier workforce"

"My experience of this course was absolutely amazing. Personally I believe you either have what it takes to be a facilitator, or you don't. Nicole certainly has what it takes. She has excellent expertise on the content and certainly knows how to transfer that knowledge. there was not a single moment where I felt disengaged or bored over the 4 day course period!"

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