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Christine Spencer

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Christine is a firm believer that we all have the potential to develop personally and professionally and I have an ongoing passion for lifelong learning.
Specialising in Leadership, Mental Health and Well-being, she supports organisations and individuals across the globe to achieve their potential and vision in a structured and collaborative way; facilitating discussions and training that achieves organisational and personal development.
Mental Health is as important as your physical wellbeing and learning how to support others and ourselves with our mental well-being is a distinctive asset to our personal development. Having had depression and anxiety visit me, I am able to support you, your personal development and that of others in understanding more about Mental Health and Well-Being.

Work Experience

Christine is an experienced freelance trainer, coach and facilitator who focuses on Leadership and Mental well-being across the private and public sectors, including the civil service, finance, retail and the NHS.
Since 2012 she has worked extensively with the Civil Service, local government and private industry with individuals and groups delivering Leadership, Mental Health Awareness, Mental health First Aid, Emotional Resilience, Cognitive Behaviours and Telephony training to senior management level.
She has worked with many different organisations, recruiting, training, coaching and developing individuals both personally and professionally.
Her delivery style is collaborative and facilitative, encouraging discussion that enables everyone to learn at their pace and embed the learning back in both the professional and personal environment.


Mental Health First Aid England Certificate
MHFA England Instructor Member- Youth and Adult
Level 3 Mental Health First Aid (RSPH)
Suicide First Aid Lite and Understanding Suicide Intervention
Level 4 Suicide First Aid (C&G)
Advanced Psychology - Level 4
Post Grad Level 4 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Level 5 EAT – Education and Training
Everything DiSC Accreditation
Thomas International PPA Certified Practitioner
Certificate in Situational Leadership II by Ken Blanchard
Diploma in Home Economics

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