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I am passionate about my work in the field of mental health and have been delivering MHFA courses for a number of years, along with other mental health related courses. When I am not delivering training I am counseling, where I like to offer different therapeutic approaches to different people and specialise in working with traumatic experiences.

"I asked Wendy who she trains and with enthusiasm, she said "Anyone who is still long enough to listen! This is important training we all need!""

"Wendy was amazing, her wealth of knowledge and compassion for this topic shone through.
Her scenario's made us think and look from a different perspective."

"Really well organised and nicely paced. Resources are excellent - good handouts and slides
and video clips. Wendy was very knowledgeable and professional."

When I am not immersed in work related activities, I can be found spending precious quality time with family and friends, walking my golden labrador, painting with watercolours or reading, all of which are my regular means of self care. I like to travel and experience new places and different cultures but am just as content in my own garden in my own company.

Work Experience

I am a contracted national workplace associate. I deliver all Adult/Workplace and Youth/Education Courses

Most experience delivering to:

Manufacturing, Construction, Music, Hotel and Catering Industries
Health and social care, legal, financial, business professionals
Local authorities and Front Line Emergency Services
Schools, Colleges and Universities

I have been involved in Mental Health work for many years. I am also a qualified Independent Mental Health Advocate. I developed and ran a charity in Shropshire specialising in Mental Health Advocacy in hospital and community settings. In that role I worked with adults, adolescents, and children. I have gained an in-depth knowledge of the Health System working alongside Psychiatry and allied professions.

I have been a company director in the private sector for much of my career and am very aware of mental health issues in the workplace. I have written and delivered training for over 10 years for organisations across all sectors.

I am a founding director of Merulae which provides bespoke training, counselling, psychotherapy and clinical governance for all Sectors. I have always worked with and/or liaised closely with company directors and staff, particularly HR in relation to developing health and wellbeing strategies and training staff listeners. I complete Mental Health Assessments on a regular basis, and am consultant much in demand it seems. I bring a passion for all things related to Mental Health, and feedback from previous courses comments on depth of knowledge, easy approachable style, and willingness to respond to the needs of audience.

I am a practicing Counsellor working with a person and their lived experience, in particular trauma and Merulae provides counselling in several high profile independent schools in Shropshire to pupils, staff and parents.

I am passionate about delivering this training to anyone and everyone to reduce the stigma and discrimination around Mental Health and to equip as many people as possible to be able to offer first aid to a colleague, employee or indeed anyone else they encounter in their life.

Any questions please don't hesitate! It is always good to talk!


Various Counselling Training
Qualified Independent Mental Health Advocate

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