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Michelle is passionate about creating a compassionate journey to enable more people, including key policy makers to talk openly about mental health naturally, as they often do when discussing physical health. Michelle has completed both MHFA qualifications in Adult and Youth and is a registered mental health first aid instructor.

Michelle is the pastoral head at her local sixth form college and her role extends to the wellbeing and British Values lead. Michelle works closely with SLT and teaching staff to drive wellbeing strategies and support students with their mental health through learning and PSHE elements. Michelle has experience in delivering bespoke mental health and wellbeing training for various community groups and private organisations.

Work Experience

Michelle is currently working with key stakeholders to enhance mental health and wellbeing strategy at her local sixth form school, which includes a variety of products, including success stories and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge with the wider community, including schools, families and organisations both near and far.

Michelle's portfolio includes Youth and Adults. Below are some of the areas Michelle currently work closely with:
Youth groups
Private and international organisations
Church/Faith/Spiritual groups


RSPH, NPQSL, MSc, BSc, PGCE, QTLS, Certified MHFA Instructor Trainer
MHFA Adult and Youth 2020

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