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Jude Houseago

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Jude is a freelance trainer specialising in wellbeing and mental health. A highly experienced group facilitator, Jude has delivered training and psycho-educational courses since 2009, becoming a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor in 2012. When delivering MHFA training she is able to utilise, and appropriately share, knowledge and insight acquired during 20 years of working with people experiencing mental health issues, including counselling young people, supporting adults diagnosed with severe and enduring mental health disorders, and managing staff teams working within stressful environments. Jude is passionate about mental health awareness and enabling people to feel both confident and skilled when supporting individuals who are emotionally distressed. She has an inclusive approach to training, encouraging interactive participation and promoting clear understanding, which is reflected in the consistently positive feedback she has received.

Delegates comments:

"Jude has a great pace in the way she communicates leaving time to reflect as we go through."

"Kept me engaged throughout."

"Very knowledgeable and encouraging but kept the group focussed."

"Talking about mental health and its intersection with our service was brilliant."

"Direct and unambiguous about difficult subjects."

"Thoughtful delivery giving time for course members to contribute."

"Thoroughly enjoyed. Jude was brilliant."

Work Experience

Originally employed in the construction industry, Jude was also a lecturer in Further and Adult Education before working for 20 years in voluntary sector Mental Health Services. She is able to draw on all of her experiences when delivering training in workplace and educational settings.


Jude's qualifications include a Certificate of Education (FE), Certificate in Community Mental Health Care, and a postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy.

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