Startwell is MHFA England’s new workplace mental health diagnostic service.

We create sector-specific mental health programmes aligned with your mission.

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Delivering for your sector

Startwell is a programme that is suitable for any business or organisation – completely customisable and adaptable to your specific industry. We work with you to understand the nuances of your workplace, and cater your programme to fit within those specifications.

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Hospitality sector

Startwell for Hospitality

We understand how hard the hospitality industry has worked to kick-start itself post-pandemic. From gaps in rotas to back-to-back shifts, we’ll help tackle the challenges that come with delivering great service.

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Retail sector

Startwell for Retail

We understand how difficult it’s been for the retail industry to bounce back post-pandemic. From working on your feet all day to carrying the constant pressure of customer satisfaction, we’re here to support the shop floor.

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Healthcare sector

Startwell for Healthcare

Healthcare workers have been the heroes of the pandemic, often putting the health of the nation before their own. From endless overtime to strained families and a seemingly never-ending workload, we’ll help address the challenges that come with helping patients on the frontline.

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Tech sector

Startwell for Tech

We understand the challenges that come with working in the tech industry, from endless long days and sleepless nights to the pace and constant pressure of tight deadlines and rapid growth. We help organisations meet demands without burning out.

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