We have Instructor Training Programmes between October and December open for applications.

Please read all information below, including the Terms and Conditions, before starting your application. 


We are reviewing our membership network and the ways we provide training. At this time we are unable to accept applicants who are looking to be independent trainers or are employed by training companies.

We can only accept applicants who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Applying to deliver MHFA England training to other employees in your own workplace

  • Part of a cohort commissioned by an industry body, charity, or other organisation, or sponsored by MHFA England

  • Applying to deliver training as an individual, or as part of a non-profit or community organisation, working primarily to support Black people and/or People of Colour, in line with MHFA England’s commitment to anti-racism. If you have any questions about this or if you are unsure whether this applies to you, please contact training@mhfaengland.org and we would be happy to discuss further with you.

  • An existing MHFA England Instructor Member looking to upskill into different products

Alongside your application, you will need to submit a completed declaration of eligibility to confirm you meet one of these criteria. This must be signed by a member of your organisation who is approving your attendance on the programme. This may be a line manager, HR professional, or other appropriate member of staff. Download the declaration of eligibility here.

If you would like to hear from us if the eligibility criteria changes in future, please submit your details here.

If you have any questions please email the Training team at training@mhfaengland.org

Before applying

Make sure you have completed the relevant Mental Health First Aider course

Before you apply, you must have completed the MHFA England Mental Health First Aider course (online or face-to-face), within the last three years. This must be in the same subject area in which you are applying for Instructor Training (Adult or Youth). You can also apply for Adult MHFA Instructor Training if you have completed a Refresher course to update your Mental Health First Aider certificate within the last three years.

You will not be able to apply if you have not completed the relevant Mental Health First Aider course. This allows you to experience the course content and decide if it will be suitable for you to deliver, before you commit to the Instructor Training programme. All applicants need to be familiar with the course content to properly engage with the Instructor Training programme.

If you haven't already attended one of our Mental Health First Aider courses you can book onto a course here.

Have your Mental Health First Aider course certificate to hand

When you apply for Instructor Training you will be asked to upload a copy of your course certificate as a PDF or image. Please have this to hand when you begin the application process.

Your certificate would have been sent to the email address you used to sign up to the Mental Health First Aider course. If you do not have your certificate, contact us on info@mhfaengland.org or call 0203 928 0760 and select option 1.

Consider your accessibility needs

We strive to create training that everyone can access and we encourage Instructor Training applications from people with accessibility needs. Please fill in the ‘accessibility requirements’ section of the application form and tell us what you need to access the programme and materials. Visit our accessibility page for more information.

How to apply

  1. Before you begin your application, please download and read the following documents:

    Application criteria and assessment framework 
    Terms and conditions
    Instructor Training FAQ 
    Programme dates

  2. Click the 'Apply now' button to begin an application. You will be asked to create an account in order to do this. If you have any issues creating an account, contact us on info@mhfaengland.org, or call 0203 928 0760 and select option 1. Please ensure you are applying on behalf of yourself, as we cannot accept applications on behalf of another person, except when this is necessary to meet the support needs of an applicant.

  3. Fill in your application form, using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to navigate the form to ensure that your progress is saved. Do not press back or refresh in your web browser as this could result in lost work. You may wish to prepare your answers to section 8 of the application in a separate document and paste them into the form to avoid the risk of losing your work. 

  4. Upload your Mental Health First Aider certificate and declaration of eligibility when prompted. Without these documents your application cannot be accepted. 

  5. If you are training as part of a commissioned programme, enter the 13 digit code provided to you by your organisation on the Programme Choice page. Do not select any other programme.  

Apply now

Next steps

When you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our training team and assessed by an MHFA England National Trainer.

You may be required to resubmit further information to support your application if your first submission is not accepted. 

We cannot guarantee that your application will be approved. We encourage you to provide as much relevant information as possible in your application to demonstrate how you meet the Application criteria and assessment framework.

If your application is approved you will be sent a booking confirmation and an invoice for the programme fee. This must be paid at least four weeks before the programme is due to start and the booking is subject to the payment and cancellation terms in the Instructor Training Terms and Conditions.

If your application is not approved you will not be able to attend Instructor Training at this time. You will be provided with feedback on your application by MHFA England and you will be able to re-apply after a minimum of six months.


Our Training team are happy to help answer any questions you may have about becoming an MHFA England Instructor Member or about your application. You can contact the team on training@mhfaengland.org or call 0203 928 0760 and select option 3.

Please check the Instructor Training FAQ before getting in touch in case your question is answered there.

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