The MHFA England Instructor Training programme qualifies you to deliver our Youth Mental Health First Aider product

To apply for Youth MHFA Instructor Training you must have completed a Youth Mental Health First Aider course (online or face-to-face) within the last three years. You must be applying to deliver within your workplace or an approved organisation in line with current eligibility requirements.


A place on a Youth MHFA Instructor Training programme costs £2,790 (inc VAT) per person.

This includes:

  • Seven days of training
  • All training materials
  • Access to instructor dashboard area of our website
  • One year of mentor support from a National Trainer as you work to pass our approval process

Attendance on an Instructor Training programme does not automatically grant you approval as an Instructor Member.

Existing Instructor Members who would like to become approved to deliver another Mental Health First Aider product should visit our extensions and upskills page for more information.

Programme assessment

MHFA Youth Instructor Training is a licensed and accredited programme. We have quality assurance processes to ensure that all Youth Instructor Members are equipped to deliver to a high standard. 

You will be assessed on your engagement and performance during the seven days of training. You will deliver two course sessions on days 4-5 and 6-7, and your delivery will be assessed by your National Trainers.

Once you have successfully completed your assessment you will need to complete the approval process as laid out in the programme overview.

It is possible, although unlikely, to be unsuccessful in your assessment if the National Trainers do not have confidence in your delivery and performance on the programme. If you do not pass your assessment, you may not be permitted to move on to the approval process to become an MHFA England Instructor Member, and will not be entitled to a refund for the programme.

For more information about assessment and approval, see the programme structure below, and our terms and conditions.

Programme overview

Youth Instructor Training takes place over seven days and is usually spread out over six weeks. This allows you to become familiar with the material and reflect on your learnings, as well as giving you time to complete individual learning and prepare for the delivery tasks that form the assessment.

You'll have access to your National Trainers throughout and the MHFA England Training team who will be happy to help if you need any guidance along the way.

You will need to do about 20 hours of your own study outside of the seven days, including:

  • Time spent on individual learning
  • Practice using the Online Learning Hub if you are attending an online programme
  • Preparing  preparing delivery materials for days 4-5 and 6-7
  • Completing your Instructor Portfolio

You will already have completed a Mental Health First Aider course as one of the conditions of applying for Youth Instructor Training. Now, our experienced National Trainers will guide you through the course content and models from an instructor's perspective.

This is an opportunity to share your experiences and build your knowledge and ideas for how you can deliver the course yourself.

The structure of days 1-3 differs slightly depending on whether your programme is face-to-face or online:

Face-to-face programme

The National Trainers deliver the Mental Health First Aider course during days 1-2.

During day 3, plenary speakers deliver sessions discussing a range of topics.

Online programme

The National Trainers deliver the Online Mental Health First Aid course during days 1-3.

These sessions are separated by individual learning exercises to reduce the amount of time spent in video calls.

The plenary speaker sessions are spread throughout days 1-3.

During the first three days of the programme you will hear from a range of speakers from a mental health background. These sessions can include discussions with people who have experienced mental health issues, a carer of someone with mental ill health, or someone from a medical background. Topics will cover a range of factors contributing to mental ill health, different recovery models and treatments.

Hearing these personal stories brings the programme to life beyond the facts, and gives you a reference point when delivering training.

Each programme includes a session discussing the impacts of systemic racism on mental health. This session is delivered by a speaker who is Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour. The aim of this session is to equip Instructor Members with skills to address racism and racial disparities in mental health.

The sessions delivered by our skilled and experienced plenary speakers will help to inform your tasks on days 4-5.

At the end of day 3 you will be allocated one of the National Trainers as your mentor. They will assign you a topic relevant to the concepts of Mental Health First Aid.

You will need to research this topic using the Helpful Resources section in the course materials. You will prepare and deliver a 25 minute facilitated learning session, which you will deliver to your fellow learners during days 4-5. Your goal is to deepen their understanding of the topic.

This task is not a delivery of a section of the Youth MHFA England course. Instead it is an opportunity to independently research, broaden your understanding of the related topics, and practice your delivery skills.

During days 4-5 you will get peer-to-peer feedback on your delivery, followed by a one-to-one feedback session with your mentor. This will form part of your programme assessment.

At the end of day 5, you will be assigned a section of the Youth MHFA England course. During days 6-7 you will deliver this to your fellow learners in a 30 minute session.

This is a key part of your assessment as it will demonstrate that you are able to adhere to the structure and timings of the course and that you can deliver and facilitate effectively.

Your National Trainers will review your performance on the programme, and your assessment tasks. You will have a one-to-one feedback session with your mentor where you will discuss your performance throughout the programme. Your mentor will give you your assessment score. Depending on the score you achieve, you will progress into the approval process (below).

It is possible, although unlikely, to be unsuccessful in your assessment if the National Trainers do not have confidence in your delivery and performance on the programme. If you do not pass your assessment, you may not be permitted to move on to the approval process to become an MHFA England Instructor Member, and will not be entitled to a refund for the programme.

Within one year of completing the programme, you must co-deliver at least two Youth Mental Health First Aid courses to be approved as a Youth Instructor Member.

Depending on your assessment score, you will need to complete your co-deliveries either with a National Trainer, an approved Instructor Member, or another instructor-in-training.

Your co-deliveries must be to a minimum of eight learners per course. You must receive good course feedback to become approved.

You can choose to co-deliver the face-to-face Mental Health First Aider or Online Mental Health First Aid course. If you would like to be approved to deliver both face-to-face and online courses, you must complete the specified number of co-deliveries in each format.

Your mentor will be available for support during this 12 month period. They will assess the feedback from your co-deliveries and will be responsible for approving you to deliver courses solo as an Instructor Member.

Your wellbeing

Please consider your wellbeing and your suitability to be a Youth Instructor Member before applying for the programme. Review the programme requirements, including: 

  • The independent learning that is required alongside the training days
  • The requirement to deliver assessed sessions during the course
  • The assessment and approval processes
  • The requirements to maintain your membership after approval

Topics covered in MHFA England Instructor Training can be distressing, triggering, and challenging. The content covers mental health in depth, as well as factors that impact mental health such as racism. The programme includes discussions of lived experience. As a learner you will be expected to consider your own experiences and beliefs as well as those of others.

If you have any concerns after completing your Youth Mental Health First Aider course, let the team know before you start the Instructor Training programme. 

As an approved Instructor Member

1. Pay an annual membership fee of £130 plus VAT, the first payment is due 12 months after the final delivery day, of your Youth Instructor Training programme  ​

2. Deliver a minimum of two MHFA England courses per year, all of which need to be logged on the dashboard including delegate details, and delegates marked as complete. ​

3. This must include at least one delivery of a Youth MHFA England course, whether online or face-to-face   ​

4. Complete at least two development activities, one of which must be from the selection provided by MHFA England ​

5. Demonstrate the attributes expected of an Instructor Member and abide by all MHFA England guidance, quality assurance, terms and conditions and anti-racist policies ​

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