Our vision is to improve the mental health of the nation.

Watch a short film on our vision and mission below:

We all have mental health. Better mental health is good for everyone and recognising this is good for society.

We want a society where everyone can thrive. We believe in zero stigma surrounding mental health. We want mental health to be openly discussed and supported.

We want our training to create an unshakable belief that we can all talk freely about mental health and seek support when we need it. We will achieve this through our mission to train one in ten people in mental health awareness and skills.

Together we will create a society where everyone’s mental health matters.

Social Enterprise UK certified member badgeWe’re proud to be a certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK. We are one of more than 70,000 social enterprises across Britain tackling social and environmental issues. To learn more about social enterprises visit socialenterprise.org.uk.

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