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What is #EmpowerHalfHour?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England has put together a range of themed, simple, and mostly cost-free activities below to help you take part in Mental Health Awareness Week. Each activity is something you can do together as a team and it takes only 30 minutes!

How do we get involved?

There are five themed activities so you can run an #EmpowerHalfHour across different working days during Mental Health Awareness Week. Or you may choose to run just one or two sessions, it’s up to you!


  • Motivate
  • Share
  • Move
  • Discover 
  • Bond

Each activity is something you can do together as a team and it takes only 30 minutes.

The activities are flexible - from going for a coffee and chat to beginners’ meditation. There is something suitable for all workplaces. Activities can be supervised or people can be encouraged to take them up themselves.

Our mini-toolkit below has everything you need to kickstart your activities.


Download this poster and share it in your workplace.

Tip: Why not add your organisation's logo and any internal contact details to the bottom of the poster? Simply download the poster as a PDF and open it in Adobe Reader - you will see two editable boxes at the bottom where you can upload an image and add text. 

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EmpowerHalfHour poster


Great for sharing on your social media to show you are taking part in #EmpowerHalfHour.

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Social media graphics

Show your support for Mental Health Awareness Week. These graphics have been sized to fit different social media platforms, or you can use them on your email signature, intranet or website. Click to download:

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Facebook cover image: We are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 13-19 May #EmpowerHalfHour

Why get involved?

Share your support for Mental Health Awareness Week and enable everyone to get involved while doing something positive for the mental health of your whole workplace! Taking just a half hour break for a change of scenery or activity can boost energy levels and help to focus the mind.

The #EmpowerHalfHour activities will help you to explore the link between mental and physical wellbeing, encourage colleagues to connect, and support them to start new, healthy habits. There is real value in encouraging employees to bond as a team too. It helps to create a good work environment, increases job satisfaction, and can even help people to produce better work.

Better work relationships provide a foundation that may mean it’s easier to spot the signs when someone’s struggling with their mental health. And in turn, help people feel comfortable in coming forward to speak to someone at work if they are experiencing issues.

Share your activities

We'd love to see what you get up to. Share your plans and pictures of your activities on social media @MHFAEngland and use the hashtag #EmpowerHalfHour. We’ll be reposting all your great work to celebrate!