“Life can be challenging and things that go on outside of work can have a huge impact on all parts of our lives.

We shouldn't have to leave parts of our identity behind when we work. We want to continue encouraging more conversations, better relationships, and a kinder culture where everyone feels safe, secure, and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work.”

Eleanor Westfold, Wellbeing, Experience & Inclusion Manager at Abel & Cole

We all deserve to feel valued and empowered to be our whole self at work. When people feel psychologically safe, teams can unlock innovation and excellence.

Brought to you by MHFA England®, My Whole Self is the campaign for workplace culture change, culminating on My Whole Self Day.

Embrace diversity, ignite change

My Whole Self Day encourages workplaces to celebrate and embrace our diverse identities and experiences. It takes place on the second Tuesday in March, every year. In 2024, it falls on 12 March.

We want organisations to empower employees to bring their whole self to work. That includes background, sexuality, religion, gender, health, and mental health. In 2024, we should feel safe to bring our whole selves to work, without fear of judgement or consequence.

Our people and teams are at their most effective and creative when everybody feels psychologically safe and is seen, heard, and valued. By bringing together diversity and inclusion with health and wellbeing, we can drive positive transformation in workplace mental health and performance

Get started with our new, free resource  

This year, we are proud to publish a new resource – the My Whole Self: Guide to creating inclusive workplace cultures. 

The guide shares practical, inclusive tools for leaders, HR, people managers, and employees. It brings together our resources from the past five years, integrating them with new information and guidance to ensure your people are free to bring their whole self to work, not only on My Whole Self Day but throughout the entire year. 

Download My Whole Self: Guide to creating inclusive workplace cultures

Staying connected with My Whole Self 
Over the past five years, My Whole Self has evolved from a handful of people sharing their My Whole Selfies to hundreds of organisations embedding the principles of My Whole Self into their workplace.  

Over five impactful years, My Whole Self has created lasting change. Explore how organisations like NHS Solent and Ford have embraced the campaign. 

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