Content warning: This page mentions suicide.  

World Suicide Prevention Day is 10 September. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of suicide, the steps we can take to prevent it, and help reduce the stigma surrounding it.   

Everyone needs to come together to reduce suicide. We are calling on workplaces to embed suicide awareness, prevention, and support into their mental health and wellbeing strategies. 

Suicide is preventable through education and intervention. That is why we have created a resource to help you and your colleagues become more suicide aware. It gives advice on how to support someone experiencing suicide thoughts or behaviour.  

The poster can be used in the workplace or more widely. We recommend printing in A3 size if you can.  

We have created two versions of the resource, a poster for use in the workplace and beyond and a digital version that can be shared online with colleagues or more widely. 

Download the poster

Download the digital asset

Find out more about our training and consultancy 

We have the expertise to train your people and help workplaces put clear, actionable plans in place to support those having thoughts of suicide.  

We offer Suicide First Aid training, which we deliver in partnership with the National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education and Training, and consultancy services to support your organisation. 

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