The Daily Mail has this week reported on the publication of the UK’s largest ever stress survey, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). 

Earlier this week MHF partnered with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England to highlight the impact of stress on working age people as, with the survey revealing that milllennials are twice as likely as baby boomers to feel overly stressed at work.  

Richard Grange, a spokesman for the Mental Health Foundation, said, “The mental health impact of work can follow us home. A good job where we feel secure and supported can boost our mental health. But poor and insecure working conditions undermine good mental health. Milennials are more likely to have insecure contracts, low rates of pay and high entry-level workloads. The pressures they face in today's employment market are very different to past generations.” 

As Kate Ferguson, Political Correspondent for MailOnline, reports, the research found that 28 per cent of millennials feel that powering through stress at work is expected, compared to just 12 per cent of baby boomers. In addition, 27 per cent of milennials said they are bothered by stress in the workplace compared to 17 per cent of baby boomers, and across both groups, stress was found to be a difficult topic of conversation. 

Commenting on the findings, Jaan Madan, Workplace Lead for MHFA England said, “In recent years, huge steps have been taken to improve mental health awareness across society, including in the workplace. However, this week's research commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation shows that more needs to be done to translate this awareness into action, with only 14 per cent of both millennials and baby boomers feeling comfortable speaking to their managers about stress.”   
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