Mental health campaigner and Mental Health First Aid advocate Natasha Devon MBE, has this week been featured in The Independent’s ‘Happy List’, which celebrates inspirational people, organisations and movements that spread social good and happiness.

In her interview Natasha describes how MHFA training can help anyone give support to those struggling with mental ill health. She explains how, just like physical first aid, the course can teach you how to assist someone in crisis in ways which might ultimately save their life.  

Natasha, who is also a former government advisor on children’s mental health, has been campaigning for parity in mental health support for ten years, in particular for young people. She goes on to highlight the impact of MHFA training in school communities – something she herself supports as a Youth MHFA instructor visiting schools all over the country every week.

For the past six weeks, Natasha has been spearheading the Where’s Your Head At? campaign, which is calling for a change in law to ensure that all workplaces and colleges make provision for mental health first aid, as they do physical first aid. 

The Where’s Your Head At? petition has now reached nearly 85,000 signatures, receiving backing from employers, the general public, and mental health advocates across the country, with plans now underway to take the campaign to its next stage in the Autumn.

You can read the full article here.

Make sure to sign the Where's Your Head At? petition, if you haven't already.