This study examined the effect of three different mental health focused training conditions on 106 managers within the fire service in Northumberland, one of which was MHFA. It found that:

  • MHFA training resulted in a statistically significant improvement in attitude to mental health problems, as well as an increased ability and confidence to help someone experiencing mental ill health. By comparison, a combined leafleting and Q&A session did not achieve a similar result

  • MHFA was considered from both quantitative and qualitative evaluations to be an appropriate tool to address issues around stress in the fire service; to promote understanding of workplace influences on stress; increase awareness of how colleagues and managers can help and promote more positive approaches to mental health

Access online:
Moffitt, J., Bostock, J., Cave, A. 2014. Promoting well-being and reducing stigma about mental health in the fire service. Journal of Public Mental Health