Researchers from University College London evaluated the first year of the Youth MHFA in Schools programme. During the first year of the programme over 1,200 school staff attended a Youth MHFA One Day course, qualifying them as Youth MHFA Champions – someone who is skilled in understanding how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in young people and who has the confidence to guide a young person to a place of support.

The study involved over 1,000 school staff and found that following the training, staff reported around a three-fold (190%) increase in confidence in knowledge, skills and awareness to support a young person struggling with their mental health. 

  • Before taking Youth MHFA training, only 30% of staff reported feeling knowledgeable, skilled and aware to support a young person experiencing mental ill health
  • After acquiring Youth MHFA skills, 59% of staff said they felt highly knowledgeable, aware and confident to support a young person
  • This increased to 87% up to three terms later, highlighting a sustained improvement as staff put their skills into practice and had time to reflect on their training

For more information see the summary of results or the full report:

Roberts-Holmes G, Mayer S, Jones P & Lee SF | Evaluation of Phase One of the Youth MHFA in Schools programme: “The training has given us a vocabulary to use.” | University College London Institute of Education | 2018