Many people from racialised communities say they have to hide parts of their identity at work. The My Whole Self campaign is calling on employers to become actively anti-racist. 

Anti-racist workplaces will build cultures where people feel valued and safe. They will enable people to focus on the job in hand and boost productivity through innovation. Workplaces play a key role in creating a society where everyone’s mental health matters.

My Whole Self poster summary of guidance for supporting Black colleaguesSupporting the wellbeing and mental health of people from racialised communities

MHFA England has launched guidance, with Chartered Management Institute and Business in the Community, to support the mental health and wellbeing of people from racialised communities in the workplace:

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This poster summarises the guidance. Please share across your organisation and channels: 

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Social media graphics

Please download and share these social media graphics to help promote the guidance for becoming an anti-racist organisation.

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Social graphic: Understanding racism and its impact    Social graphic: Supporting People of Colour and Black colleagues     Social graphic: Becoming an anti-racist workplace

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Instagram graphic: Understanding racism and its impacts    Instagram graphic: Becoming an anti-racist workplace    Instagram graphic: Supporting People of Colour and Black colleagues

Statement of intent on race equity

Our statement of intent on race equity sets out our practical commitments to be an anti-racist organisation. It includes a selection of recommended articles, books and videos on a variety of race equity topics.


Watch and share our webinars on Supporting the mental health of People of Colour and Black colleagues and Becoming an anti-racist organisation below. 

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Staying connected toolkit

For more information on My Whole Self including a toolkit for building connections with colleagues, visit My Whole Self - Staying connected.