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Jenny White

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Jenny is professional and benevolent. Her curiosity surrounding the integrated relationships between psychology, biology and societal influences, in addition to her teaching experience has led her to be an excellent holistic trainer, facilitator and campaigner for Mental Health First Aid.

The Journey so far

After 15 years working in HR and training Jenny left the corporate world and a change in career led her into a hands on role within the NHS both on the wards and in clinic at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge,

It became increasingly evident to Jenny how physical and psychological health are intrinsically linked although often overlooked, and one simply cannot be addressed without the other. Stigma, cultural influences and lack of education surrounding mental health is a huge barrier and Jenny is passionate about helping to change the status quo.

Jenny’s experience of physical first aid, including St Johns, the EAAA (The East Anglian Air Ambulance), and delivering regulated first aid courses, led her set up her own training company, The Bridge First Aid in 2011.With the goal of providing local accessible and credible resources for all demographics to practice and learn simple life saving skills. Her business has since grown and evolved and includes animal courses as well as mental health.

Recognising that physical first aid occasionally lead to trauma for both casualties, witnesses’ and the first aiders, Jenny identified an increasing demand for personal wellbeing skills. To complement her portfolio and to ensure credibility, with guidance from healthcare professionals, psychiatrist and therapist (including accredited CBT and EMDR practitioners) The Bridge First Aid launched its own wellbeing training. This led her organically to also complete the Adult Mental Health First Aid instructor training.


I feel genuinely privileged to deliver MHFA and gain so much gratification from imparting the knowledge and skills these courses deliver"

Jenny has always displayed joy, enthusiasm and a natural gift for teaching. Jenny has a real skill in translating and delivering complex ideas into laymen’s terms. She is personable and tenacious.

Science geek who enjoys learning and reading about new uncharted territory, lover of horses and the presence that being around horses brings. Jenny attributes dog ownership to managing a fulfilling and active lifestyle and balanced mind-set.

“First and foremost I am a mother, and I credit my dog ownership for my ability to balance my life on all levels. The time spent outside with my dog is invaluable. Animals do not have the added stigma that modern society creates, and observing behaviour without these barriers is fascinating. I love good podcast and although cliché, it’s also very cathartic to organise ones thoughts whilst out walking in nature.

Epigenetics implies we can change biology but without changing society this is pointless, MHFA is huge catalyst for this movement”

“People that know me would describe me as Alice in Wonderland, a curious disposition with a propensity to go down rabbit holes and on adventures at times”

Witnessing how animals can provide some consistency, and noticeable improvements to those who have suffered with their mental or physical health, Jenny believes the use of animals in therapy and advances in virtual reality will be the next big thing for managing and improving mental health in the developed world.

“Nullius in verba”

Work Experience

- Founder and Director of the Bridge First Aid Ltd

- Independent trainer for both the NHS and private clients delivering bespoke training courses

- Qualified First Aid Trainer FAW, PFA, EPFA, EFAW, Canine and Advanced Pet First Aid instructor

- A working knowledge surrounding a range of mental health conditions and the services available

- Experience of working with, and teaching vulnerable adults and children.

- A proven track record of consistency and competence in teaching and delivery, measured by quality assurance over 100 non mandatory course feedback ratings

- Experiential training activities and exercises (individuals and groups) in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy EFP/L

- Experience of working with therapy dogs and their owners


- BA (Hons) Human Resource Management CIPD

- Level 4 award in education and training. (TQUK) Ofqual Certified with over 7 years of teaching experience

- The Education and Training Foundation Prevent for Practitioners Certificate and safeguarding training

- A catalogue of recent CPD relating to physical first aid, training and animal therapy (see instructor portfolio for details)

- Certificate of achievement with LEAP EFP/L (Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy EFP/L)

- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

- Qualified first aid trainer, assessor and community first aid responder. FAW, PFA, EPFA, EFAW, Canine and advanced pet first aid instructor

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