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Ginny Hulin

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Ginny is a keen advocate of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental ill health and increasing awareness of common mental health disorders. She provides training to enable people to develop the skills to care for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

Ginny is a psychotherapeutic counsellor ( BACP registered ) which brings depth and richness of mental health understanding to the training room

Ginny has delivered over 1000 courses to a wide range of Industry sectors, to include Standard Chartered Bank for three years globally, Danske Bank, Ikea, BBC, Knight Frank. PGAAC ( Premier League Audit company )and many more,

Ginny also supports the charity Sands and volunteers her time as a befriender supporting bereaved parents.

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BACP Registered Number : 400080

Work Experience

Workplace Wellbeing:
March, 2019: Mental Health first aid training for businesses
Accredited Mental Health Trainer with Mental Health First Aid England. Qualified to teach 2 day MHFA, One Day Champion, Half Day Aware, Refresher courses.
2023: Psychotherapeutic Counsellor - trained to level 7.


Qualified MHFA trainer for the two day MHFA.
One Day Champion
1/2 Day Aware
Refresher Course
Mental Health Skills for Managers

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor - BACP registered

Previous career in Media - Sky and A+E Networks - Head of Distribution

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