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I deliver online and face to face Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training in Croydon, South London.

I'm also a nutritional therapist, yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. These approaches to wellbeing are blended into my MHFA training courses to emphasize the importance of self-care for positive mental health. This includes nutrition and practices to support mood, brain function, immune health, hormone health, movement and good sleep. MHFA training courses are delivered in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment.

I have trained delegates from a range of corporate, public, education and third sector organisations including Deloitte, Allianz, Vonage, BDO UK, McKinsey, ACAS, the NHS, Beckmead Family of Schools, The Eveleigh LINK Academy Trust, Surrey Physio, The HR Company, Croydon BME Forum, Mind in Croydon, Magpie Dance Academy, Groundworks, East Surrey College and Bromley Council.

At present, I deliver the following mental health first aid training courses:

- 2 Day Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training (£240 per person)
- Adult One Day Champions (£180 per person)
- Adult Half-Day Mental Health Aware (£115 per person)

For more information:
tel: 07852 754 179. email: website:

Course feedback:

• I think this is the most important training I'll ever do! I think the approach is very clear and it will definitely help me and the company I work for to understand how we can most appropriately support people. The skills I've learnt, particularly around listening and communicating non-judgementally, will be incredibly useful in all spheres of life. I'd recommend this course to anyone - thank you.

• I felt the course was well structured and the right length (2 days). The instructor was fantastic, patient and unassuming. The amount of engagement/break out groups was spot on. Thank you.

• The instructor's timekeeping impeccable. Her whole demeanour was so claim. Delivery was very precise. All attendees were given the opportunity to interact and contribute. I was so impressed with the manual I received, I could not put it down. Thank you.

• This was an intense course that reflected on one of the most important subject areas of our time. I have left this course feeling more confident in using models to support colleagues, students and wider communities in feeling more open to discuss issues. It has also helped me to recognise and understand behaviours to increase my awareness and response to MH.

• Esther was brilliant, well informed and set the absolute right tone for the subject matter. Feel really well equipped now!

• Just wanted to say thank you for the last few weeks of MHFA training. It has been incredibly useful - feel much more equipped practically, and have more confidence in holding conversations and offering first aid and support. You delivered it all with clarity and at a nice pace!

• I really enjoyed the course and learned so much from it. It has confirmed my wanting to train to be an instructor. Thanks Esther for facilitating our group so well - you were so calm and so knowledgeable.

• Brilliant instructor, made the course interesting and engaging.

• Thoroughly engaging delivery of the course. Knowledgeable and passionate about subject material. Very enjoyable two day course.

• I really enjoyed these days. They were informative and gave me good strategies to take away.

• Excellent course, very well delivered. Felt like a very safe space to ask questions and Esther has a wealth of knowledge.

• I really enjoyed the course. It is one of those practical and applicable life skill that will be of benefit in all facets of life. For the workplace; it’s a great addendum to my mentoring role as a senior staff member. This course will go a long way in helping me to promote a caring culture in my NHS organisation. I work in the field of oncology which can be quite draining for practitioners. MHFA will strengthen and help me to lend a hand to colleagues in those upsetting times.

• Thanks Esther for the excellent delivery of the program that really brought it to life for us.'

• We both felt that you delivered the course content extremely well, given the tone of some of the subject matters.

• Excellent, great atmosphere, informal but informative.

• Great course - learned more than I thought I would.

• I felt the course was very good. Kept my attention throughout the two days. Thank you.

NB: Please note that the above rates are discounted.

Mental Health First Aid Training Courses, Croydon, South London and Central London.

Work Experience

I've worked for various government organisations such as the House of Commons, Greater London Authority and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. I have management level experience and thus a good understanding of organisational policies and procedures and mental health at work.

My current undertakings include:

Associate Training for South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
Associate trainer with various health and wellbeing companies
Managing governance for the Royal College of Midwives
Mayor of London Enterprise Adviser connecting schools to businesses to enhance young people's career prospects


• Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (level 6)

• Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructor

• Grief Recovery Specialist

• Accredited Mental Health First Aider

• Accredited Suicide First Aider

• Integrated Mindfulness and Compassion in Professional Practice (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body)

• Chartered Institute of Marketing Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

• Yoga teacher training diploma

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