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Hello! I am Andy Lee, and as a fully trained Mental Health First Aid Instructor, trained by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, I offer a comprehensive training programme within organisations to help employees recognise mental health conditions and support colleagues through difficult times.

As the CEO of Non-JudgementalHealth Ltd, I am qualified to offer:
- Online Adult MHFA Course
- 2-Day Adult MHFA Course
- Line Management Training

Our courses equip your staff to recognise and intervene early on mental health issues, signposting for the earliest possible recovery.

For more information on these courses and our company, please visit our website:


Work Experience

I have over 30 years experience working at Unilever, helping deliver wellbeing strategies across UK and European sites. This experience includes:

1. Support wellbeing in the UK to deliver the wellbeing framework into factories.
2. To replicate the wellbeing support work done at Norwich to sites under transformation.
3. To lead/deliver the UK wellbeing framework into Europe, working with HRBP.
4. Deliver line manager training.

Here are a few testimonials from colleagues and clients over my many years experience.

Dalton, Nick E.V.P. H.R. Unilever

"I have known and worked with Andy as both an employee representative and in his role as wellbeing lead for our European factories."

"He has always put people first, and consistently worked with a passion and commitment , dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for everybody."

"He has developed and delivered a practical and inspiring programme to assist the European Factories to promote wellbeing and Mental health amongst employees."

"Andy has the ability to connect with people at all levels and has made a major contribution over his years in Unilever."

Maria Provelegiou HRBP for East Europe Supply Chain at Unilever

“Andy and me have collaborated very efficiently in promoting the Wellbeing agenda in European factories of Unilever. He is a very experienced, knowledgeable and insightful colleague in all aspects of wellbeing. He is also spotting areas for improvement easily and makes them visible. Empathetic and compassionate as individual”.


As a quality assured instructor member I am approved by MHFA to deliver Adult MHFA, keeping people safe and supported as they learn. Here are some feedback from resent courses..................
It was a very valuable course and very well managed with regards to the virtual classroom aspect. The balance of participation and home learning was just right. Have already recommended it to my colleagues .It has given me a boost to be able to learn different skills also. Thank-you for offering me this opportunity,-------------I enjoyed learning with the other course attendees as they all came from varied backgrounds which made the discussions interesting. I feel more confident in addressing mental health issues in my role now as someone who can signpost people to accessing help and support. It was really valuable the emphasis that was placed on looking after your own mental health so that you can help when needed and I will be recommending the "happiness hour" to work friends too...........Very good overview of common mental health related conditions and tips to help someone who is experiencing symptoms. The instructors were very good and made the learning environment welcoming despite having to be online. Would recommend to my colleagues, and definitely a few of the managers who have not always communicated that well with individuals who have had mental health symptoms.

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