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I have 13 years experience as a people manager, leading teams of up to 120 individuals in more recent years. I have experienced a wide spectrum of mental illness within the workplace. While HR teams offer great support in terms of policy and regulation; what I found to be lacking was the education and guidance for line managers around mental health. It is so frustrating when you understand that little tweaks can make all the difference for that individual who is suffering and quite often it doesn't take a lot to support someone who is struggling with their mental health within the workplace.

I am passionate about providing that education to employers and employees alike to help create safe work environments where individuals feel able to speak out, knowing they are reaching out to people who understand and will give them the support they need to help them to flourish in the workplace.

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I am now a freelance trainer and have delivered training for a number of organisations including some of the NHS Mental Health Trusts. I also run open courses monthly within West Yorkshire, and working with other local mental health organisations and charities to reach out to and educate even more individuals. I firmly believe the more people I can touch with the education around mental health, the closer we will get to breaking the stigma associated with it. And in doing so more people will fee more confident to help support themselves and others.

I have previous experience leading large teams in a fast paced and high pressured corporate environment and have seen first hand the difference a line manager can make if they have had the right training and education. I have also spent time as board member of a large multi-national organisation.

I am highly skilled at being able to adapt my style to meet the requirements of my audience and because of that I have had the pleasure of training a wide range of people from many different backgrounds and communities

I have experience in training across many sectors including legal, accountancy, NHS, banking, charities, professional security and manufacturing.

I deliver in-house training for organisations wanting to train 6+ individuals within the business. I will always seek to understand your specific goals for the training and ensure that the training is right for you. It may be that I suggest alternatives, because my goal is to ensure that what I train supports in delivering your goals


I have a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies. And have previously held the position of Chartered Banker (MCIBS). I am an accredited business coach and am qualified to deliver the full suite of MHFA England Adult courses. I have also first hand experience of supporting a family member through their mental health journey including a recent diagnosis of Bipolar 2 Disorder

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