World Mental Health Day 2023

Image of My Whole Self managers toolkit cover

As part of our My Whole Self campaign for workplace culture change, we have developed a range of resources for you to use at work and beyond. 

Tuesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day, why not use some of these resources to help raise awareness of mental health.

Download our free poster to help raise awareness of why workplace wellbeing matters. You can share the resource digitally or put it up in your workplace.

Download your copy of the poster here

On the day itself we encourage you to take a moment to check in on your own and other’s mental health and wellbeing using our My Whole Self MOT. 

Download your MOT

Free Manager's Toolkit

33% of managers we interviewed for My Whole Self Day 2023 told us they felt out of their depth supporting team members with mental health concerns.  

That’s where our Manager's Toolkit can help. The resources included in the toolkit can help equip managers with the knowledge and confidence needed to support the mental health of teams – and boost productivity. 

Help your managers empower their teams, so everyone is able to bring their whole self to work, every day.


Image of My Whole Self managers toolkit cover
Download our Manager's Toolkit

Download our one to one meeting template

29% of managers said that more support and training from their employer would assist them in creating a team in which everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work. 

Our manager training – delivered by experts and supported by evidence is designed to empower managers with practical, actionable advice and resources to drive positive transformation in workplace mental health and performance.

Learn more about our manager training courses below    

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How can I get my organisation involved?

There are lots of ways that you and your workplace can start to change your workplace culture with My Whole Self.  

Each year, we celebrate My Whole Self Day on the second Tuesday in March. In 2024, this falls on 12 March. We’d love you to get involved on the day, but if the date doesn’t work for you or you have missed it, these resources can be used throughout the year. 

Take a look through the steps below, alongside the accompanying resources, to help bring together mental health and wellbeing with diversity and inclusion.  

  1. Read our campaign toolkit
  2. Run a My Whole Self activity
  3. Encourage regular wellbeing check- ins
  4. Spread the word on your digital channels
  5. Share your MyWholeSelfie
  6. Watch and share our webinars
  7. Keep colleagues feeling connected
  8. Become an anti-racist organisation

1. Read our campaign toolkit

Everything you need to know to help plan your organisation’s involvement in My Whole Self Day can be found in our campaign toolkit, including activities, resources, social media posts, and more.  

Download (PDF): Campaign toolkit
Image of My Whole Self campaign kit title slide

2. Run a My Whole Self activity

We asked over 2,000 employees the type of mental health and wellbeing support they found most useful. The majority, 44% of people, chose team-building activities as their preference. 

We have created three activity ideas which help build deeper connections among teams – a book club, a desert island favourites challenge, and a My Whole Self discussion panel. 

They are all simple to arrange and can be done online or face to face. 

Download (PDF):
Book club activity sheet 
Desert island favourites activity shee
My Whole Self discussion panel 
Thumbnail image of the three My Whole Self activity sheets: Book club, Desert Island Favourites, and discussion panel

3. Encourage regular wellbeing check-ins

Regular wellbeing catch-ups with colleagues are a vital way to support one another’s mental health.  

We have created a range of guidance to help you approach conversations around mental health and wellbeing with confidence and sensitivity.  You can download them below: 


Thumbnail of My Whole Self MOT mental health check-in poster

Download (PDF): My Whole Self MOT
Download (PDF): My Whole Self Talking Tips

4. Spread the word on your digital channels

We have created a range of content for you to show your support and shout about #MyWholeSelf on social media and beyond. This can be done on My Whole Self Day, or throughout the year. 

Share these posts to spread the word for My Whole Self on social media.

We're supporting the campaign for workplace culture change post

Download (PNG): 
Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter

My Whole Self Twitter card: We 're supporting the campaign for workplace culture change

I'm supporting the campaign for workplace culture change post

Download (PNG):
Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter 

My Whole Self Twitter card: I'm supporting the campaign for workplace culture change

My Whole Self Clip

This short clip explains what My Whole Self is and why it's important. Share it at work to introduce your organisation to My Whole Self and show your support by sharing it on social media. 

Download: GIF (no sound) | MOV (with sound) 
Share on: Facebook | Instagram |  LinkedIn | YouTube | 

My Whole Self Email Signature

Add a My Whole Self banner to your email signature to show your organisation is taking part in My Whole Self. 

My Whole Self email banner

Download (PNG): Email banner

5. Share your My Whole Selfie

Creating a My Whole Selfie is a great way to start sharing some of your whole self. By sharing these with colleagues we can learn more about one another and start to feel more connected.  

We are encouraging as many people as possible to share their My Whole Selfie on My Whole Self Day, 14 March. 

It works best if senior leaders at your organisation share their own My Whole Selfie and invite the whole organisation to take part. You can then share these on your own internal channels, as well as on social media. 

Here's how:

  1. Take a selfie, add ‘This is #MyWholeSelf’ and words to describe your whole self. You can write on a piece of paper and hold it in the selfie, or you can add the words using your phone’s photo app or in your social media app, for example Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, or on a LinkedIn post. 

  2. Share your selfie on your social media using the #MyWholeSelf. You can also tag us @MHFAEngland 

Here are some examples:

Examples of people 's My Whole Selfies - selfies with words describing themselves such as 'runner ', 'baker ', king of the kitchen disco', 'dog dad', etc.

You can also use our template to make creating your My Whole Selfie easier
Download template

6. Watch and share our My Whole Self webinars

We will be hosting a live webinar on My Whole Self Day, 14 March. You can find out more and click here to register.  

If you want to watch last year’s webinars for some inspiration, you can take a look below: 

 You can view all our webinars here

7. Stay connected

The ways we work have changed for many of us over the last three years, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us are now able to work more flexibly. This brings benefits but can also leave us feeling isolated from our teams and colleagues.  

We’ve put together some guidance on how to support your mental health, if you are regularly working from home or in a hybrid manner.  This guide can be shared with employees and colleagues to help with their mental health, reduce feelings of isolation, and help stay connected. 

Download (PDF): Supporting your mental health while working from home


British Sign Language version provided by The Royal Association for Deaf People:

8. My Whole Self and People of Colour

There is more to bringing our whole self to work than simply staying connected. People must feel psychologically safe to chose which part of their whole self they bring to work. 

The pandemic and current recession has and is exacerbating existing inequalities and creating new instances of financial hardship. At the same time, the world is waking up to the stark realities of systematic racism, to violence against girls, women and those who identify as women, and the climate crisis. It is up to all of us to ‘do the work’ to empathise and support all our colleagues so we can celebrate our unique perspectives and experiences. 

In 2021, we made a pledge to become an active anti-racist organisation and we urge other organisations to follow suit. Many People of Colour and Black people say they have to hide parts of their identity at work, and we hope that My Whole Self will help to change this. 

Anti-racist workplaces help build cultures where people feel valued and safe. We’ve put together some resources to help organisations, including guidance on how to support the mental health and wellbeing of people from racialised communities. You can take a look at these