Empower managers in your organisation to build supported, motivated and committed teams.  

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The relationship between managers and their team members is key for the health and wellbeing of the whole organisation. Support managers in your organisation in improving their mental health knowledge, and help create a healthy workplace for all. 

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In this digital training course, interactive modules equip managers with confidence and practical skills to support their teams’ health and wellbeing. Managers will learn to: 

  • Understand and fulfil managerial responsibilities around their teams’ wellbeing 

  • Recognise when an employee may need support with their mental health and ways to navigate this  

  • Use the Ask, Listen, Respond framework to have effective mental health conversations as part of their everyday activity 

  • Recognise where and when to get further information and support 

Mental Health Knowledge for Managers is a flexible way to give your organisation wider access to high quality mental health knowledge from trusted experts in workplace mental health. It’s a perfect way to reach all managers and is designed to complement existing face to face training.

  • A set of digital learning modules  

  • Self-directed learning through scenarios, quizzes, and interactive activities  

  • 45 minute introductory module: Supporting employee mental health 

  • Three 15 minute modules on the Three-Step Approach: Ask, Listen and Respond 

  • New module on managing remote teams, free with purchase of modules 1-4

  • Resources and links to encourage continuous learning and ongoing support

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“It’s really important for managers to get to know their staff as much as possible, have regular conversations. The early intervention is key.”

Maxine Webb

Course structure

  • Recognise your responsibility as a manager in supporting positive mental health and wellbeing 

  • Recognise the business benefits of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees  

  • Articulate the importance of regularly talking about mental health with your reports 

  • Recall the three key stages for effective conversations about mental health 

  • Identify factors that determine your approach to conversations about mental health 

  • Recognise where and when to get further information and support  

  • Identify some common signs that may indicate impact on mental health 

  • Identify actions you can take to support your team's health and wellbeing 

  • Learn a range of communication techniques to support a conversation around mental health  

  • Recognise what questions can be used to start a conversation about mental health  

  • Recognise which types of questions are most helpful for conversations about mental health 

  • Learn to actively listen and empathise with employees  

  • Recognise what can get in the way of active listening and what you can do to overcome this 

  • Learn how to reflect on what you’ve heard and use non-judgmental communication

  • Learn to direct employees to a variety of support and where appropriate to professional support  

  • Identify potential organisational, personal and professional sources of support 

  • Recognise which signs and symptoms may require immediate support and specific responsibilities as a manager 

  • Recognise the importance of confidentiality while meeting obligations 

  • Understand and explain why and how remote working impacts teams

  • Know how to keep well while working remotely and how to support remote team members with their mental health

  • Empower team members to use technology to communicate effectively

  • Use the ask, listen, and respond framework to have sensitive conversations with remote team members

We are continually updating our selection of digital modules within Mental Health Knowledge for Managers. Modules on the following topics are coming soon:

  • Workplace stress

  • Managing workloads

  • Creating adjustments

  • Balancing life and work

  • Understanding inequality

  • Supporting through life events

  • Responding to conflict